Canadians enjoy the dance of the pigs head

Canadians enjoy the dance of the pigs head .

Again at  this time of  year, as always, in Santa Elena the baile de cabeza de cochinita is a must to see.  As well as the burning of the bull( not a real bull but an efergy with fireworks)

The Pigs Head

The Pigs Head

The group of Canadians ( snowbirds) come every year to live in warmer climates for the winter…. most near the beach areas of Progresso , along the coast line.

Wayne had fun chatting with an old couple on their 90,s

Wayne had fun chatting with an old couple on their 90,s

Wayne and Sandy have been coming  many times to see this spectacular in Santa Elena.

The  Canadadian Group

The Canadadian Group

This year they brought a group of their friends with them to enjoy a couple of nights at The Pickled Onion and to see how life really is in a small village and to take in more sights of the area.

This year it felt to me there was more excitement in the air .The main street with its new look had been cleaned up, the road widened, new sidewalks and painted walls gave it a special feel.

Saturday we all went off to watch the procession and it wasnt disappointing

the two queens of the fair

The news cast came out, film was taken and the queens of the carnival led the way with the xic ( not sure it this is spelt correctly) Xic is a man dressed up as a woman who passes in front of the procession entering every store along the way, where they donate money, which gives them good luck for the rest of the year in their businesses .

The processiong starts

We watched the procession from where it started and walked along for a few yards with the crowds.. then returned to The Pickled Onion for dinner that was specially prepared , by request, for the group.

dancing on the street

It was a great time and the Canadians enjoyed it so much they have booked the whole hotel for next year!

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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