Aluxes the creation of.

Version of the creation of the Aluxes
A version of the story told to Gasper Antonio Xiu who published a book on the Aluxes of the Maya

There is a legend of Uxmal that it was built overnight by a dwarf who became the king of Uxmal . but for now I am going to relate a story of how the Aluxes came about.


The Aluxes are supernatural beings or spirits that have been seen and perceived in the land of the Mayab. The stories of these male creatures ,with baby bodies and faces of a grown man, spread around the Maya world as truths and sightings.

It’s a topic in many homes which will not completely die…..but continue living not as an illusion nor ghosts but better known as the gods of the bushes that really existed as in real life.

Many believe that the Aluxes had been created with wisdom and knowledge of an old Maya priest in 21 days and nights.

To form their bodies he collected virgin mud from the caves where no women had been and left to dry for 9 full moon nights ( as like the pregnancy of humans). Afterwards the mud was dampened down with the dew of wild flowers to soften and formed small figures that were then cooked with resins and anointed with copal and honey from the X,uan,cab tree ( still today they collect honey made from this same tree) . They were then placed on an altar with offerings of Zaca, a drink made from honey , and left in complete darkness .

After midnight they were carried out from their dark place with songs and prayers and let them go into the bushes to work protecting The SEED of the maya people, CORN ,of the gods

They say that the Aluxes were similar to their father,…… The dwarf of Uxmal and were of male gender so therefore the feminine gender does not exists as an Alux because the dwarf did not have women and he was not born of a man and woman union but created under a magic spell and therefore did not procreate .

There have been many sightings of these little people especially the men when they used to stay on the site of their milpa ( corn growing field) The locals believe if you feed them their favourite food of corn and Zaca they will leave you in peace. But if you provoke them they will reign terror in your home or elsewhere around your property.

When I bought my property and started the building of the restaurant I decided I should do my own little ceremony at the back where it was bush land. I took corn and some honey in a cup and said a few words telling then I was not here to harm their land but to work with them…. I returned the next day to where I had left the foodstuff and there was nothing left ,….. even the cup with the honey had been taken???

Just last month a guest decided to sleep in a hammock outside for the night… he was used to camping so this did not bother him.. The next day I asked how he had slept and if he had any annoyances with animal or anything. He told me how strange but he kept hearing people walk around all night but did not see anything. So I them told him about the Aluxes that protect the land and he became fascinated to learn more.

To add more to the mischievous Aluxes just yesterday the housemaids keys to the rooms went missing. We all searched high and low but could not find them… The girls literally tore the bodega ( a bodega is a store room) apart where the laundry and sheet etc are stored… but to no avail.

This morning in the exact spot that Maria leaves her purse low and behold there were the keys!!!! The room is locked in the night so how did they do it, those little imps?

This is just another example of what happens if you dont feed them on a regular basis !

Another blessing in the Yucatan, now I do feel really protected. Time to put out more food as a thank you.

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to Aluxes the creation of.

  1. The aluxes were known to be faithful to their owners and mischievous with strangers. When the properties of their owners were passed down to others, the aluxes would come out and scare the children. To please them, the new owners would have to give them food, cigarettes, honey, and corn.

    • Yes and for this same reason its always in the best of interest for the new owners to do a Jeets Lum.. clearing of the land ceremony to appease the aluxes . My staff, who are Maya, when things go missing always refer to Los Aluxes…. so have I to go with their believes

  2. james caddy says:

    Hello Valerie,
    I stayed in your hammock in December those nights and I took a photo of the color picture from the cover of that book using my phone.
    I saved it as my wallpaper so I could think about my trip to the yucatan everyday.
    Sadly, someone stole my jacket with my phone inside it last week and I never saved a copy to my computer.
    I was hoping you could please email me another copy.
    Did the tools (screwdrivers and wrenches etc) I sent ever make it to you?
    I hope all is well!

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