Santa Elena Feria

Like in Mérida and other pueblos around the Yucatán fairs are held on a regular basis.For one week now the Feria de Santa Elena begin its yearly festival of San Mateo (Saint Mathew) the patron saint of Santa Elena .It will continue for another week of fun and festivities for the local people. When the tourists are here I like to tell them about the fair and I sometimes go along with them (or just behind them depending on the restaurant ). I love it when they get an insight to the local customs and festivities and it never ceases to amaze them.

Last night I ventured out because it was Saturday and more things happen on this night. It was a lovely balmy night, I thought, as I walked down into the village centre. I noted the families walking together. Parents holding hands and arms around their children.To see this is very touching but its the way  here, the love ,the affection that they show openly is to be admired.

The crowned queens of the fair with the mayor and his wife

The crowned queens of the fair with the mayor and his wife

There were lots of people milling around, some watching the crowning of the queen of the fair,  playing games, the children on the trampoline , the party bus  and of course nothing is complete without the burning of the bull (quemando del torro) firework display.

I particularly enjoyed the new event where they crowned a senior lady as the ambassador of the third age…. a lovely way to describe the seniors here (trecera edad)

All the fun of the fair

All the fun of the fair

Marc one of my friends ( who has an excellent blog Alaskan in Yucatan) came to stay with me for a couple of nights bringing with him a friend of old.He took an amazing video of the burning of the bull … the best one I have seen so far and he said he would post it on You tube…. I hope he does!

I was intrigued to see the amount of bikes parked every which way and smiled to myself when I saw the firetruck parked behind. I thought, if there was really a fire there would be NO way they could get out of their parking spot intime .

mountains of bikes

mountains of bikes

But I am sure it made everyone feel more secure knowing they were around. In the older days I would probably have been a horse drawn cart with buckets of water on the back.


Next Saturday will be the big event with the dance of the pig and of course more fireworks…………. although there did not seem to be as many this year as I was told they are just getting too expensive.but lets see what Saturday brings.




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