Bee and Wasp solution

bee eating

bee eating (Photo credit: acidpix)

For a few days now we have been inundated with wasps and bees around the breakfast tables. It has been a problem more for the tourists than anything as these pesky things were smelling the sweet honey that we serve at breakfast.

We tried putting a couple of plates away from the tables with honey on them so that the bees and wasps would stay away from the guests.This did work to some extent but not really a solution for the guests who were afraid of the tiny things.

Some would wave their arms around like crazy and others would run away  only to aggitate the insects more . This did not make for a pleasant experience for them especially if they were alergic, which some people are.

Trying to calm down the people with an explanation of why the insects are looking for food did not always work.

You see, we have not had rain for a couple of months and consequently that means no rain , no flowers.So the bees and wasps are hungry and have to search for food elswhere.If the beekeepers dont take care of their hives by giving sugar and water to the bees,( and there are hundreds of hives in this area) again they leave the hives in search of food.

But again thanks to one of my guests from France ,Catarina, who  give me a tip that she uses in her garden. So I went to work. The idea is to cut up a plastic bottle and turn the neck part upside down and place into the cut off bottle. Put in some sugar or honey ( honey smells better and attracts the bees and wasps faster) they dive in but cannot always get out….. yes, I know, I hate to do this but to save listening to complaints from guests this is the only thing I could do.

plastic bottle

It does work and it keeps the guests much happier and able to eat their breakfast without the annoyance of MOTHER NATURE who really is only doing her work!

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6 Responses to Bee and Wasp solution

  1. Pat C. says:

    Another great idea coming to me from your blog…I will the bottle trick during the wasp season…In the fall, everyone was pestered with fruit flies so out came the plastic wrap, tin foil or just clear plastic bags and some containers. The containers held all kinds of brew…fruit juice, viniger in water, fruit in juice and so on. The wrap went over the container and then holes were poked in the wrap and in flew the flies . It worked…another idea if you ever need to rid your place of fruit flies…of course they do not sting…so the guests won’t run in alarm…

  2. Melissa says:

    It sounds as if you might have more bees than this might work for…but you might try placing shallow plates/bowls filled with orange soda and old fruit somewhere away from your guests. More of a distraction than a death sentence. Although I can understand why you’d need to keep your guests happy.
    Here in New York we’re losing bees due to “Colony Collapse” and orchards are suffering. Send them here…we need them!

    • Thank you for your comment …. we did first try putting a large plate away from the guests filled with honey . Within 10 mins you could not see the plate for the wasps and bees… and still they went for the honey on the table……… Oh dear what is a girl gonna do!!! But I will try your solution thank you by the way the honey we have is pure honey straight from the hives in Santa Elena and delicious. If there was any way we could send them, the bees, to you believe me I would. Valerie

      On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 10:16 PM, Thepickledonionyucatan's Blog

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