Rosca the bread of the Three Kings Day

This year in Santa Elena for the first time they did the biggest Rosca they have ever done… You know the one where it goes on and on forever , so it seems

I always buy one for the restaurant so that the people who are visiting from other countries get to know a little bit of the traditions of Mexico and sometimes of the local traditions .

I went down to the centre to find out where the Rosca would be cut and was directed to the back of the Palacio called the concha . I was surprised when I walked in as a new roof had been erected and a lovely new basketball court  had been made. What a difference it made, as before, the back part of the Palacio was smelly( from the bathrooms that were disgusting) and it lacked life.

night of the rosca

Last night was different . The Rosca was laid  out on large tables in  the newly built court, stretching from one end to the other and people were seated around to watch the spectacular and to get a piece of the action( Rosca) One could feel the sense of community as the anouncer was pranzing around and making jokes

The Big Rosca

The Big Rosca

I did not stay to see the cake being cut as I had to return to the restuarant where I had bought a Rosca for the clients that came by.


The onlookers anticipating a piece of the cake

The onlookers anticipating a piece of the cake

Daniel from Australia found a baby jesus in his cake so the tradition is there are normally 5 baby jesus dolls in a Rosca and the ones that are lucky enough to find one has to make a tamale party on the 2nd of February.

Daneil and wife with his Baby Jesus

Daneil and wife with his Baby Jesus

I joked with everyone and said well I guess we are all lucky because Daniel found Jesus we all get to go to Australia and he will pay for our tickets

cutting the rosca

This brought laughter and all agreed they would go ……………..

I went silently with the left over Rosca to the kitchen where I, with the staff took part. Yeah and gues what …… I guess if I follow tradition I have to invite all the staff to feast on tamales…. Mmmm! now who makes the best in town?. I will have to find out.

restauratn with ernesto

This year was the best Rosca I had ever bought …. Normally I buy in Ticul and it always seemed very dry… This year I bought locally and it was the freshest and tastiest one ever!

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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