Re cycled clothes

Awhile ago I had visitors from England that had booked their few days to stay with me .

They wrote me before coming and asking if they could bring with them a few clothes for the poorer people in the village… Yes of course you can that would be lovely!

The idea took off with some of their friends and family with children getting involved too!

They arrived with their luggage and a huge one, chocablock full of clothes of all shapes and sizes…. Wow ! I wondered how they managed to get all this along with their own luggage on board but they did.

mountaitn of clothes

mountaitn of clothes

The only thing I could do was tip out all the clothes onto my bed and start sorting out the clothes. Ages,sizes,sex etc until I had lots of smaller piles on my bed… Good thing I sleep in a hammock! No room in bed tonight!

moutain of clothes

I then assembled into bags writing on the outside the sizes etc.. but this took me nearly a month to do as we were so busy here and reservations were coming in fast… I would look around my room and wonder when I would get this done but it had to be done soon before we got really busy .

Bagged clothes2

I made a real effort and off I went into the village asking around who where the poorest people in the village that would welcome these clothes

As you can see I found some . One family even asked me when will you be coming again? Oh I am not sure but please take these as a gift from foreign people that brought them all the way from England. The childrens clothes were donated by children and they hope you will be very happy with them.


I was asked to take a photo of the children wearing the clothes so that I could send them back to england where the children there were going to do a project for school.

But upon delivering the goods I did not have the heart to ask the children to put on the clothes for a photo I just felt it would be intruding on their lives and not only that the children are so shy they might feel embarrased.


I did ask if I could take photos of them receiving the bags and they did not seem to mind.


So from Santa Elena Yucatán I wish to thank you all for donating such lovely clothes and bringing them all the way from England……… the clothes  were welcomed gladly

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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