Maya ceremony simple but effective

Whilst everyone around had TICKETS to go to Uxmal where there was a special event happening on the day of Dec 21st I was busy preparing for a h’men to come from nearby Bolonchen to do a small ceremony here at the pickled onion.

Don Filipe

I wrote TICKETS in bold letters because if one was not connected to a female organizer from Merida ,or if one did not go to the conference that was being held  in Merida,then there was no chance that one could go to Uxmal and enter in the wee hours of the morning to witness the sunrise.

uxmal pyrimid (534x800)

It is very rare indeed that there is a special opening of Uxmal but on this day there was.I was not impressed how it was handled…… why , I thought could not the local people have a special invitation to enter Uxmal on this, their day of inheritance . There is no way that these people would have had the monies to pay for a TICKET or any means of arriving there even if they wanted to.

I was told , well the Maya have dis connected themselves from their inheritance. But who’s fault is that I answered. Lack of communication , lack of respect for the local people, lack of education who knows?

But along come groups of new agers that somehow seem to know more of the Maya culture than anyone else……….. coming unread , unprepared and looking for some big wham bang experience and leaving disappointed because……….. nothing happened!!

some of the group

One lady that passed by here for lunch ,was disappointed because she had it in her mind that she would be able to join a group and do a ceremony.  She did not encounter what she was looking for in Uxmal .But instead she quietly sat alone did her own thing and the things she revealed to me what had taken place she would never have had that experience if she had been with a group. Yes , Valerie you are right . I never looked at it in this way!!she said.

Walking your journey in life is a private thing and we all have our own experiences that we learn from….. simplicity in all is more powerful than showmanship….. and I noticed over this period of the end of the old and the beginning of the new era there have been more actors than normal! Even on this spiritual path you will find people who want to exhort monies from the visitors offering ceremonies of all kinds , teachings etc

How do I look upon this. In the past I spent so much money taking one course after another to increase my knowledge  ,which I must admit I learned much,then it began to be a who’s who’s and which book have you read and which course have you taken , who have you seen or not seen in person…. I began to realize that all the information all had the same basis in the end no matter how flowery the writer may have been.Some bringing information that was far beyond ridiculous.. but made a good seller!

So I quit classes ( told I was a spiritual rebel) and continued on my own journey which is really what we are supposed to do after the initial teachings.

To use tools to communicate really is only an aid that one thinks make things so much stronger……. do you really need them? Believe in your higher self , walk your talk,give thanks and look to the universal laws of existance then one need not look further.

Prayers with Don FilipeAnd this is why I got in contact with Don Filipe a simple quite shaman from a small village to ask if he would come a do a cleansing for the people that were staying with me on the eve of the 20 and 21st .

There were no fireworks, no fanfares, just a gentleness in the air.

He arrived and we greeted as we walked back to the area where he choose to work. I took plants from the garden that he asked for , he prepared himself as did we.

Watching the preperation

Some decided not to attend .. why ? because it was just too simple, yet they came a far distance for the Maya experience.

MauricioI invited the staff to join us and were happy to do so , it is their tradition afterall.

After the cleansing the staff returned to carry out their days work as did ITim

.I thanked Don Filipe He ate breakfast then he left because he had to attend other people in the nearby town.Fernando y yo



Tims wife

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  1. Heather says:

    Well expressed, Valerie. Amen, Valerie, amen.

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