Our Lady Guadalupe


Our Lady Guadalulpe taken in the church of Santa Elena

As every year the day of Guadalulpe is a very well celebrated day in Mexico as she is the patron saint of this country.


They say this year it was celebrated more than ususal . Could it be because of the 12/12/12 connection? Or becasue it coincides with the end of the Maya calendar ?Nevertheless for one reason or another there just seemed to be more excitement in the air. Even after the fact two days later the last celebration in Santa Elena will end the more than one week of celebrations, fireworks.mass mananitas,runners and of course no celebration would be complete without traditional food such Relleno  Negra

I took many photos during this time but one family caught my eye as they were in the village square eating their picnic lunch . They were on their way home to Hopelchen just 40 mins away from here. I asked permission to take a photo when I saw the youngest runner I had ever seen…. The mother had taken off her T shirt as the baby had gotten too hot!

The family

The family


Every time I asked to take a photo everyone was so happy to oblige like the group of younsters in these photos….. We laughed and joked as their spirits where high and infectious

BAck of the girls showing the name of the town from where they come from

BAck of the girls showing the name of the town from where

they come from

They laughed when I asked them to turn around so that I could see where they were from and again I asked if they would not mind me taking a picture

The Girls

The Girls

The boys had a good chuckle to but all the time with happy faces . They seemed to make a good team . When I asked where are the men!!! They giggled and said there arent any!!

the boys

The Boys

Also the mode of transport varies from group to group . It could be a bus,car,truck or just bicycles . They use whatever is available to transport them from one place to another.



Then nothing is complete without the usual celebrations of firecrackers ,mananitas(songs) parades from the local church The celebrations continues until the end of the week way after the day of Guadalupe but thats how things go here .From this festival they then go straight into the christmas themeI will write the next blog on this .So watch out for it!!!the bull

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to Our Lady Guadalupe

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading your blog. Makes me home sick for the Yucatan. I can now say homesick as I am an official Mahahualian? If that is the correct spelling. Enjoy Donna

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