To continue with our trip off we went to Uxmal .It was earlier in the day and very quiet . Uxmal is a site that never really gets an overload of tourists but it’s always best to visit in the morning before the heat of the day.

uxmal pyrimid (534x800)

The Magician pyrimid

Vincent had already seen Uxmal on his last visit but was quite happy to go again

wall of designs

After chatting with a young man from the village, Rogelio ,at the turnstile, the entrance to the ruins, Vincent and I where leisurely walking towards the pyramid of the magician when my friend Jorge came towards us with open arms and kisses. Jorge is one of the many guides in Uxmal but what is unique with Jorge is that he has been there the longest, over 30 years. He knows the ruins like the back of his hand, speaks Maya,Spanish,English,Italian,German,French and learning a little Russian, all self-taught.

Jptge and his getup to keep off the sun

Jptge and his getup to keep off the sun

Why did you not call me Valerie, to tell me your brother was here, he said, Well Jorge I know you are busy and I did not want to bother you or intrude on your work time.

Valerie , I always will make time for you ! Now I will come and walk with you and your brother around the ruins… But Jorge do you not have appointments? I said.Yes but I am going to cancel these for this auspicious occasion of  your brothers visit all the way from england…..

turtle (441x800)

After more than two  wonderful hours walking and talking with Jorge I can now see why the people love him so much as a guide. He is well versed , he will sing to you, he will tell you more of the history than most of the other guides and he is with you not only physical but in spirit. I felt it a great honour that he was so generous with his time that he shared with us.

At one point I sat under some trees whilst Jorge and Vincent went up to the steps of the governors palace.I heard a tap tap tapping noise knowing it was a woodpecker I glanced upwards and sure enough there he was…. just a baby , I thought .

Baby woodpecker

Baby woodpecker

Then  appeared another one Ahhh maybe its his brother or sister …. it was such a peaceful time until a group decieded to have a group photo standing in a row with arms upwards. I didnt mind them taking their photo for rememberance but what I did mind was the loud clapping and shouting afterwards that scared off the birds and the peacefulness was gone… Oh well, I am sure they were happy with their picture.

view from the top of the pyrimid (800x474)

I finally climbed the one pyramid allowed, for the first time, after the many times I have visited Uxmal. The view from the top is stunning to say the least and well worth the puffing and panting to reach the top.

owl (623x800)

Again I saw things that I had not seen before and I know the next time I go back there will be other things to see.

carved wheel of life stone

carved wheel of life stone

I am

amazed when people visit Uxmal that they can say they saw everything in 2 hours or less…………… it’s just not possible to ingest the magnificence of this place in such a short time. Such a shame. There are a few that will spend the entire  day visiting but it is a few.

The flower of life showing the center of the  world and four cardinal points

The flower of life showing the center of the world and four cardinal points

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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11 Responses to Uxmal

  1. Pat C. says:

    are the ruins exactly as they were uncovered or were they reconstructed? While in Turkiey and Greece I was that some of the ruins were reconstructed but amazing never the less. I felt while in Mexico that some of the ruins were authentic but some had some minor repairs..The diff. between Mexico and Turkey is the forest covered the Mexican ruins and the others were found under the soil if I heard correctly..

    • Hello Pat yes some of the ruins have been reconstructed.Its amazing to see all the neatly piled up stones on the ground waiting for the right team to come along and piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle!
      I do like, though going into the deeper part of the jungle to see the unmentioned ruins but one does need someone from the village who is in the know where these sites are.Otherwise for sure one would get lost!! The jungle is so thick and everything just looks the same….but still awesome. Maybe one day you will make it here and I will take you with me to see them!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Uxmal was always one of our favourites. There is a spiritual feel to this place that can never be duplicated in a site like, say, Chichen Itza.

    • Yes I feel the same as you Heather . I hear Chichen is getting more touristica and some have said its like Disney land…. What a pity that with all the activity that transpires in this sacred place it does take away the authenticity , and the special feeling one should get whilst visiting , in my opinion. I just hope Uxmal does not go the same way in the future..Most people prefer Uxmal than Chichen and from what comments are made here I would put it on the scale of 99% of people that prefer Uxmal..

      On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 9:06 AM, Thepickledonionyucatan's Blog

  3. Herb Hurley says:

    Valeria, My wife and I will be in Merida in Feb. Is it possoble to get Jorge as a guide when I visit Uxmal? If so how do I do
    that? Is he there at the site?

    • If you know the date you would be going to Uxmal I couls call him for you and make a time. If not you can find him always at the reception of the lodge hotel which is on the left handside before going into the parking lot.Ask for Jorge Mex as there are two Jorge,s (buen amigos) . With the high season being in full swing just to arrive on the speck sort of speak , one may find that he may already be busy.
      You will love Uxmal!!!!!

      • Herb Hurley says:

        HI Valeria,
        Not sure what date we would be coming. We;ll be in Merida Feb 18-22. You ,I’m sure, don’t remember but my wife and I and another couple meet you and had lunch at your lovely place last Feb. We used Scott Wormwood as a guide.
        Last year we didn’t see Uxmal and I don’t want to miss it this time. Scott took use to Kabah and then the ladies in our foursome opted to visit Scott’s friend who was married to a Mayan and had built a big home out in the jungle. I’m sure you know who I’m talkiing about.
        This year we will be using Bill Lawson as a guide for at least one day. I don’t think we’ll need him for UXmal.
        Any other suggestions you might have of places to not miss I would appreciate it.

  4. Melissa says:

    I was fortunate to have Jorge as a guide this past September. I visited Uxmal for the first time in 1991 without the benefit of a guide. Walking through to site VERY early in the morning with Jorge this time bordered on a religious experience! Yes, he sang (I even have of video of him) and I left feeling it was my best experience at a site in the Yucatan. I have been to Coba, Muyil, Chichen Itza, and I feel honored to have spent my time with him. Interestingly, I had wanted to stay at the Pickled Onion but my traveling companion was a bit more conventional…and wanted all the comforts of the Lodge.

    I’m returning in January to continue my house hunt and when I finally settle in Merida, I’ll be sure to spend some time at your lovely place.

    The photos are wonderful. Bird watching (finding) is one of my favorite pasttimes in Yucatan!

    • Hello Melisa thank you for your comments oH what a pity you didnt come and stay. But next time!
      I remember planning a trip to Panama and a friend said she would like to come with me.. I mentioned that it would be a trip of exploring and experiences, more into the outback sort of speak . When I had finished planning I showed her the itenary and she said . Oh I would rather stay in an all inclusive… Well let me tell you that was the last all inclusive that I had stayed in and it will not be repeated…. I like the adventourous type of holiday, getting out and seeing how the people live and more of the culture.oh well lesson learnt ha ha
      Good luck in your house hunting in Merida and we will meet in the future
      take care

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