Day of the Dead Maya style

Day of the dead Maya style

I was so disappointed that I was not able to go into the village and see all the altars being made and judged for Hanal Pixan this year.This business just takes over sometimes but that’s a good sign too.

But luck on my side. I had news that in the nearby town there was a parcel waiting for me.Thats unusual , I said to myself , a parcel in Muna ( a good 25 min drive from here) Normally things come to Ticul.

Curious to know just what it was I  took the road passing Uxmal and onto Muna .

There were police patrolling and directing the traffic which again I thought strange as normally Muna is much quieter than Ticul.Then as I headed toward the main palace I saw the area throbbing with people dressed in traditional clothings. Ahh great there was the exhibition of alters lining the sides of the main square. So I did get to see after all , the alters of Hanal Pixan .

Granding the corn

One of many participents

Traditional tortiall making

My parcel? A lovely gift from Trip Advisor saying that I had been selected as a Winner of Excellence for this year……………… Wow how wonderful is that…Trip advisor is, as most of you know ,a place on the internet where one can make  comments be good or bad… I say it’s a site that you love to hate  HA HA  But for me in this instance I kinda like it!

The pickled onion trilp advisor award

Returning to Hanal Pixan  I did another first… After being here nearly 6 years I decided to take a trip to the local cemetery . This is the time when the cleanup gets done and painted ready for the souls to return to earth. Fresh flowers and candles were adorning the grave sites . Even if there was only a small marker made with stones they too had painted with lime mixed with water,shinning a brilliant white in the sun .

In the cemetery Santa Elena

But there is something different here! It’s not that unusual to see skulls and bones laying around  but I saw that these too had been collected and placed in a certain area.

Discarded skull and bones

The altars will be in their own private homes now and everyone anxious for the day of the mucbipollo special food of the souls on their return to earth for this slowly dying tradition of the Maya people.

My new puppy

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to Day of the Dead Maya style

  1. Alexis says:

    Wow Valerie, congratulations on the Trip Advisor award!!! I would like to think that comments from Andrea and I helped in some little way! I know you get such great feedback and you are such a wonderful hostess that it was only time till an award…but this is a big one.
    Love the blog and pictures, keep them coming when you have time..Alexis

  2. Pat C. says:

    Hi Valerie, several years ago I took a trip to Mexico and could not understand all the skeltons in the stores. It is only recently that I learned about the Day of the Dead and while at a Halloween party the other night spoke to a Mexican lady about this. I told her about my home province and my trip home 2 summers ago experiencing the Mass at the graveyard. I was amazed by the hundreds of people that came out so I guess that was our day to honor the dead. I congradulate you on your award of excellence from Trip Advisor. I saw an article in the Spectator and your place got mention as one of the spots to eat and sleep. Way to go .

    • Hello Pat thank you for your comments. Its very interesting how we celebrate the passing of loved ones. It is a celebration! I always say when a person passes over to the other side that we now have another angel watching over us.

  3. Heather says:

    Valerie: First, congratulations on your well-deserved Trip Advisor Award. Hard work does pay off! Secondly, Norm and I well remember our experiences re Day of the Dead and are sorry if this tradition is slowly dying out. The Mayan people have such wonderful customs that should be retained.
    Best to you,
    Heather and Norm

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