Sobar =to rub

One will find it common practice amongst the local people, when in pain either from a bruise, a fall or overstretched muscles  to seek out such a person who will gladly give a sobar(massage)

Dona Felice, her name meaning happy and is always happy as her name suggests, is one such person. She normally takes care of pregnant women and prepares them to give a natural birth to which she sometimes attends if she is in the vicinity. She is, I would think in her late 50.s but hard to tell. Very well known, she travels to many smaller towns and villages and even to Merida, upon request, to give of her services.

About 2 years ago I was cleaning the pool just as I was thinking.. I am so tired…I missed my footing and fell about 2 mts to the ground-Oh what pain! I laid there about 2 mins , no one around and started my own conversation. Valerie, get up! There is no one here to help you and you have to move. I struggled to my room in great pain thinking I had bruised my ribs or even worse broken one or two.

I called Maurcio to come into work early and explained I could not walk. He arrived disbelievingly but soon saw by my face that I was indeed in pain.

With a call to Dona Felice she arrived in a short time to give me a massage to help alleviate the pain I felt. It was torturous! She found some pieces of material that I had laying around and began tearing off strips to which she bound my ribs to give support.

I never did go to the doctors but I figured I had done some damage to my ribs. The pain eased slowly day by day but two days in bed was just too much for me to bear.

I don’t like being sick so I tend to work it off! I know its not always the best way to do things but it works for me.

So now Dona Felice and I are best of friends. Even I have invited her many times if she is in need to drop by and I will give her a massage. Its great to give of oneself, I said to Dona but sometimes we have to receive as well as give. Yes. she says with a smile , showing off her shiny  gold teeth, you are right, Dona Valeria .

When the massage room was completed I had imagined myself working in the afternoon as an holistic therapist giving massages and or Reiki treatments.

But sometimes I would be just too tuckered out to give of my best.

Mmmmm ! Another thought! I went to the town hall (palacio) and asked the then mayor if he knew of anyone who would like to learn the art of Massage. I would pay for the tuition and there would be work here at The Pickled Onion.

Carmen-a single mother came by within the day to see me. We chatted and she seemed interested so off we went to Merida where she was enrolled for her course. We were lucky because the next week the course began and she was the last person to signed in before the closure of the course.

The teacher and I stressed that she could not miss one class. She didn’t and she finished her course proudly with a certificate.

She was and is so excited and loves the work. Not only that it gives her extra income to support her family.

The plus side to this is……………….I get to receive….AHHhhhhh!!!!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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