The origins of the bottle dance

One of the traditional Yucatecan dances  of the Jarana that are performed nearly everywhere at festivals and cultural festivities  is one where the dancers place a bottle of empty beer on their heads .The is balanced sometimes precariously on top of the head  whilst the feet move in rythm  with the music. Normally hands held upwards showing off their skills of balance and movement.

It entertains the tourists where hundreds of cameras click  (or take videos) away at the awesome specticle .

But not many know from where the tradition comes from and if this is true then its quite a sad story.

I was told, on good account that the dance really originated from the time of the conquest. As entertainment for the  spanish visitors and or the troops , the maya where made to put on their heads a bottle and made to dance.How were they made to dance ? By threats, jostling ,whipping and I even heard by shooting guns at their feet to make them dance.

When I heard this it really puts the dance of the bottle in a different perspective and not as entertainable as I once thought . I actually felt sadness upon hearing the explanation in my restaurant.

If anyone knows if this account is correct or you have another version of how this dance came to be ,please let me know.

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