No, I haven’t disappeared  and I have been rather lazy not writing much these days on the blog Although sometimes I would like to disappear……..especially on days when the restaurant and hotel are really busy as it has been for the last 6 weeks…. Yes its the tourist season and its been incredible . Breaking all records from previous years , Im just astounded………. But I know this is not happening for all who are in the tourist industry .

Just yesterday I heard that Villa Archaeologico in Uxmal  are closing their doors August 14th  and many of the local people here in Santa Elena will and are already  out of work.

I hear reports that hotels in Merida are not doing the business that they used to! I really do feel very fortunate and I really do give thanks every day !!

I think too much emphasis on the end of the Maya Calendar put everyones hopes up thinking it would be an overwhelming turn in events .Most Hotels though are full ,as here ,on the  Dec 21 on onward, the supposedly day of the end……. Mmm not really.So Maybe everyone is waiting for this time of year to come and visit us here in Yucatan.

I do have an offer on rentals though ………….. I wonder how it would go over …..

When the end of the world comes, then I will reimburse your monies……. cant be fairer than that, now can we?

So hopefully I can get back to writing soon ,even though it may be spasmodic  ……………… not always a very good internet signal out here ,it’s iffy!!! And it does get tiresome waiting for things to go right with a slow connection or even losing what you have written and re-doing it … ah! well enough of the quibbling we have do to what we can with what we have…………


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to update

  1. Marc says:

    It’s good to see you writing. I was thinking about you today as I looked at the track of Ernesto. You might get a bit of a blow. I hope all goes well…and look forward to another visit soon.

    • Thank you Marc . Well Ernesto as you know was not as bad as predicted thank goodness. I did do some preparations though, cutting a few suspicious looking trees down that may have fallen if the strong winds came.
      Look forward to seeing you again too.
      Take care

  2. Heather says:

    Good to hear from you again, Valerie. So sorry about the economic woes that seem to plague everyone these days. Perhaps your personal service and warmth are keys to your success. Write when you can.

  3. Pat C. says:

    Hello Valerie, I trust that you are doing well, I am following your site as I want to show my sis in law who will be visiting in Oct. She is looking at spending the winter in some warmer country .
    Your restaurant and cottages look quite interesting. I was in the Yukatan once on my way to Chicken and pizza. I climbed to the top –did it once –never again I said. I climbed another monument but the name escapes me.
    Take care,
    Pat , Hamilton, Ontario

    • Thank you for your comment Pat.
      You will be able to hold that memory of climbing Chichen for now its not allowed . It is rather intimidating especially the downward part.
      One can still climb one of the pyramids in Uxmal and really is worth the trip to see all the sites around here in the Uxmal and Ruta Puuc area.
      Take care

  4. marioymaria says:

    hi Valerie, glad having found you here in the internet. Next time I go to visit Uxmal, I shall pass by to greet you. You may not remember me now, I am Hildegard (Maria), we met in the IWC some time ago. Iam so glad you are doing well, wish you the best!

    • Hello Hildegard how nice to hear from you and glad you found me.Its a long time since I saw you. I dont get to the Internactional Womens club very often due to work and the distance I have to travel, But I do miss people from there. The neat thing is they come and see me and lucnch which is great so hope to see you here soon
      Abrazos Valerie

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