Friends come and go but real friends stay!

Today is the celebration of my friend’s birthday.

Louise on the day of Mad Hatters party in my back garden Canada

Louise on the day of Mad Hatters party in my back garden Canada

 How we met, is quite by accident… Or as we say nothing is coincidental .

After selling my floral business I decided to travel , being a little lost with no work to do. I returned home to Canada after visiting my brother in Guernsey and my aunt in Ireland. I moved in to a house that my son had bought as an investment and there with Tara my daughter we lived for a while.

 One Sunday as Tara and I went for a walk I saw a lady sitting on her front porch drinking her morning coffee. I bade her good morning ,she acknowledged with a good morning. The following day I went looking for work in well-known florists in town .An appointment was set up for an interview where I was to make some floral arrangements that were to be inspected by the owner to see if my work was suitable for the establishment. On the day of the interview I was placed next to a young lady and as we started to chat where do you live etc we soon found out that we both lived on the same street and low and behold this was the same person that I had bid good morning to only a couple of days before. I was hired and this began the friendship with Louise .We went through highs and lows together like friends do……….. Once here in the Yucatán we kept in touch by email

.Louise came to see me just about the time I began the restaurant and stayed for a few days… in the beginning there was only the restaurant and my palapa house which did not have bathroom facilities then . But Louise is a pioneer at heart and these non-luxuries were not a problem for her. It was hot and sticky so to cool off Louise would go in the holding tank cistern at the back of the restaurant… open to all the elements, the local construction workers eyes wide open at seeing someone in a bikini sunbathing.. It was great to have her around even though I was working at the same time.

This year came one of the biggest surprises I have ever had.Louise arrived on the doorstep with no word of warning with her new man in tow. I gasped and shrieked with delight seeing her… Needless to say there were tears ,hugs and kisses. I was spluttering all the while saying ,well I can sleep in the back storeroom and you and Rod can have my house….. Oh! no Valerie we have reservations!! What… How!!! I exclaimed. Her new man Rod had made reservations over the internet in his name so that she could surprise me. And she did. It was pure delight to have them both stay for three nights…

Louise and Rod visiting the ruins of Uxmal

 So I want to say Happy Birthday Louise ! I will be thinking of you on this special day and we shall see each other soon.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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4 Responses to Friends come and go but real friends stay!

  1. A great story of friendship.

    • Thanks Donna and I now consider you a friend that will stay! Your outlook on life and fearless spirit is what draws me to people like youself. Im going to give her a surprise phone call to night .. I know she wont read this til the morning knowing Louise she will be busy preparing food, so the secret will be saved. love Valerie

  2. Heather says:

    Wow! What a great surprise and great story!

  3. Donna Norstadt says:

    I am glad you consider me a friend. I hope for many more lovely evenings at your place. Once I am a resident of Mahahual, you will have to visit us too. I am not sure how we will break you away from Santa Elena but we will work on it. It is our continuing spirit that help us go forward. Have a good few months.
    It is spring here and we are working to sell our home in Washington State. It is the last thing before we will truly be in a position to relocate. Our plan is to move in October 2013. We will be down to Mahahual in October 2012. The title should be in our name and we can start to figure out how to furnish it and get a decent bed – any ideas? Then in December 2012, I am making a trip with a girlfriend to Palenque. Do you have any suggestions on where to stay around there? Just have to be there for the end of the Mayan Calendar. Andy and I will probably come back for our usual 3 weeks in January 2013 and then it will be spring in the Pacific Northwest so we will maintain our jobs and enjoy the weather here. Once the weather starts to turn bad in 2013, it will be time to say “officially retired”. My plan is dependent on a few minor details but we are going forth thinking positive. Try to send me some answers to my questions. Thanks..Donna

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