Another milstone……………..

March 23rd I reached another milstone in my life

. 21 is when I got married in England and one week later ventured into new terriotories of not only married life but a new life in Canada .

In my 22nd year of October was born my first child

My second came two years later

My divorce came another two years after . I returned to england as a single mother where I ran  a hairdressing business for 13 years

30 was a hard number to accept….. when people asked me how old I was I would say 29 and 12 months.. It made some curious looks until they figured out what age I was.Once I got to 29 and 36 months I decided to accept that I was now in the 30.s era

40 was a huge party for all my friends and family as the week after I was embarking on the journey back to Canada with my children.

I returned to Canada with no job and nowhere to live… but it didnt take long and within one year I opened a floral business where I was the main designer.

50 I cant really remember where I was or what I was doing as I have done lots of things in my life.

60 I  had just opened The Pickled Onion Restaurant here in St Elena Yucatan

65 Five years on, one can see where I am at now!! Acutally I thought this was the age of retirement but it doesnt seem that way for me at the moment LOL

70 well who knows where life will take one, if you are open without fear,to experience all there is.

I have met many great people and long term friends along the way . Like anyone we have out ups and downs but with courage, wonderful friends, we can overcome the obsticles that are thrown in our way.

I had a great celebration with my friends and brothers. I actually closed the place down and they spent the night in the B&B. Everyone brought something and it was a feast……. We all ate so much we could not face the birthday cake until next mornng for breakfast.Nancy also shared the same date as I so it was a double celebration.


To view photos click on the attachment which will take you to another . I am just learning to do presentations with photos so please be patient . This did not trun out how I really wanted but with more practice I may be able to do it right next time…… or if anyone out there knows the secrets please let me know.

It was so great that I may just do the same next year as it not only brought friends to me but gave me time to enjoy their company……. So sad though that two of my friends couldnt make it due to illness ..but dont worry always another year.



About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to Another milstone……………..

  1. Marc says:

    Happy Birthday, Valerie, and many, many more. I’m coming soon to eat wonderful food in your restaurant, stay over and visit with you.

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