Special things that people do.

 How blest I am to have such good friends.

 I have two wonderful friends that I call my brothers .Larry I met whilst doing a TESOL course in Canada having in mind to teach English and travel at the same time.My hopes were to teach in Peru giving me the chance to see Machu Pichu and to learn Spanish . But as you can see here I am in Mexico living and working my creation. Sometime elapsed before I saw Larry again but we were to meet up in all places Progresso located north of Merida on the Gulf coast. The Tesol course I took offered a practicum in their school in Progresso so I decided to take the time of three weeks to gain a little experience before embarking on my new adventure When I arrived in the hotel that was used to accommodate the students the first person I saw sitting munching on his evening dinner was Larry.Our friendship took off from this point.

 I ended up returning to Ticul to teach English and Larry stayed in Progresso also teaching. In between times Larry met his partner Reg and they cemented their union through marriage.

 When they first came out to see the project that I was building I could tell by their faces that they were not quite sure what I was doing or maybe I was a little crazy. But they never said anything nor even tried to discourage me . They just stood quietly aside .When I opened the first stage ,being the restaurant , they supported me wholeheartedly . The second Christmas and the following two they arranged christmas dinners at the pickled onion for a group of ex-pats . lots of work for me but it was a success,

 One day ,after a nearly a year of work I received a phone call from Larry asking me what size of a freezer would fit in the store room space. Not sure , I said.But off I went to measure it.Then I asked for what reason Larry? We are in Costco right now and we have decided that you need a freezer so we are going to buy one and bring it down as your Christmas present !Oh O K still not sure of what I was hearing.Within two hours they were at the restaurant door rolling in a freezer. No words could express the overwhelming gesture that these two men were doing for me.

 They have held me when I cried and believe me if people knew what I had been through to get to this place it would read like a horror story….. maybe one day I will write about that part too. They supported me , listened to me, laughed along with me and much much more! Their kindness and support would take me a million years to return.

 The latest incident of kindness just passed this weekend . The middle of last year I was building a new Palapa and it needed some kind of decoration on the walls so I took up a brush and easel and started to paint . I had painted a little over 45 years ago so really it was like starting again at the beginning but I never really did get passed the beginning stage all those years ago. Larry and Reg came down to visit over night and I had just finished another painting that was in the restaurant ready to go to the local carpenter to be framed. Reg took one look and said I’ll buy that Valerie ! But Reg the paint is not even dry yet, laughing. He opened his wallet showing me he only had small bills and one large one… Oh that’s O K Reg Ill take the large one! They took it home with them and were going to take it to their favourite framing place. Yesterday they came by for another overnighter with a friend so that they could show her Uxmal. We greeted and Reg said we have brought your birthday present early I hope you like it. As I whisked around there I saw my picture in the most beautiful frame.I became utterly speechless ,gobsmacked(English expression,slang of course) Not only that, as I looked at the painting I really could not believe I had done it………………..Certainly for me it was a  special moment  and an unexpected delightful happening . But this is the way my brothers work not only for me do they do the unexpected but I have heard lots of good things they have done for others .I love you guys! So when you drop by the Pickled Onion you will see it hung up in the restaurant . A great reminder for me of how my brothers are special to me . .

Kip Cho bird... squirrel cuckoo

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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12 Responses to Special things that people do.

  1. Heather says:

    Valerie—What a wonderful tribute to Reg and Larry! They are truly brothers with hearts of compassion and love. Long may they continue to do such good works of kindness! BTW, your painting shows more hidden talents you possess besides entrepreneurship, cooking, and an appreciation of the spiritual side of the Yucatan.
    Best, Heather

  2. Debbie says:

    That’s a beautiful painting. How sweet of your friends to frame it so perfectly.

  3. smokesilver says:

    Very nice. I know that you are working very hard there. I enjoy your blog very much. Keep in writing and painting…whenever you can.

  4. reg45 says:

    We are so proud of our sister’s success and accomplishments! From the first time we met I realized this was one very special lady!!!! Indeed, she is truly remarkable, kind, loving and generous as attested to by her many other friends and her staff at The Pickled Onion….as much as we are ALL here for her, she has enriched our lives beyond description and we know that she was put on this earth for us as an example of what we could each do with patience and perseverance through the good and bad times in our lives!!!!! Hats off sis!

    Abrazos fuertes…Reg and Larry

  5. mexicobev says:

    Your story describes a wonderful expression of love and friendship between you, and a well deserved tribute to two wonderful guys who always make us all feel special to them. Your painting is very good! Don’t stop.

    Love and hugs,

  6. teresa freeburn says:

    what wonderful friends larry and reg are! and you are very talented! keep painting.

    just discovered your blog and look forward to continue reading it. you are so right about not knowing what life will bring. i am now living in japan for he 3rd time and absolutely loving it. the first 2 times my husband was in the navy now we are here with the company he works for.

    take care and keep on doing your good deeds. giving those roses to the men, and the waitress, is so kind of you.

    teresa in nagoya

    • Thank you Teresa I hope you continue enjoying Japan and learning the culture of the people. We are all the same ..we all look for a roof over our heads and food on the table…
      Living a life outside of ones culture can be rewarding,frustrating,exciting and certainly a great experience.. Inhale and take it all in… life is great!

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