The fair of St Elena

The New Year started off being very busy in the hotel and restaurant which did not give me much time for writing my blog page .As well, the service for internet can be so unpredictable at times. Always great in the morning time but when the time came to write for my blog then the service became really slow.

The service regained its strength by the evening but alas work does not permit that I sit by the computer and if I did I am sure there would be some disgruntled clients, who wanted to chat and ask questions about areas to visit  .

So work always wins out over pleasurable things to do…. Oh don’t get me wrong it is a pleasure having people here and listening about their wanderings where they have been and where they are going and from what part of the world do they come from.etc

Today I am going to make an effort I told myself

This is the time of the St Elena fair (this weekend being the last days of celebrations)

It’s been two weeks of evenings of burning the bull in el centro in front of the church.

The Bull effergie

Firecrackers shooting off into the stars, in all directions .Squeals of delight from the crowd nearly drowned out the sound of the firecrackers. The party bus busy running up and down the tiny village again with squeals of delight from the youngsters and of course loud music which is the norm here .

Preparing the fireworks ready to mount on the bull efferige

The coming out of the church, the statue of Jesus Christ to spend a night in the home of a family only to return to the church the following morning to sounds of firecrackers and an unmelodious band playing  at 4 am .Maybe it was too early for the players too !

The family that hosts Jesus takes on a mountain of responsibilities, cooking special foods for three consecutive days .The first evening consists of coffee for everyone who cares to drop by the house and visit with the family

The second day could be a kind of botanas like chicharro .This is made from the deep fried skin of a pig until you get a nice a crispy consistency along with some of the innards .Cut up small and added tomatoes ,onions,chile,cilatntro and limon  then eaten with fresh tortillas

The next day came the infamous relleno negro .One of my staff Mauricio and his family did their turn this year and he told me they cooked one pig and 24 turkeys for this event and he was kind enough to bring me a sampling along with pepsi to drink and fresh tortillas

He told me the next day at work that  ALL the food was chupe(finished) so one can imagine how many people came to eat or brought their vessels for take away.

Actually it was the best relleno negro I had tasted as usually I just poke at it and say thank you But this had great taste and I walloped it down with 4 tortillas( I normally only eat 2 tortillas)

Like all years the last Saturday is the baile de cochinta or dance of the pig.One gets used to the music they play and I now know when to start walking with the crowd and when the music changes its time for the dance

Its fun times for all but time as well as the serious religious side of it.

To add more excitement to the event apparently according to stories told in the village the statue of the Virgin Mary was shedding tears in the church .Maria, one of my cleaning ladies, was so excited to show me photos she had taken of the Virgin,  with her cell phone .It certainly looked like she was crying and Maria assured me she saw the tear falling.

This will now be talked about every year at this time and  some hoping it will happen again and again .

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to The fair of St Elena

  1. Reg says:

    NICE work! Always interested in learning about local customs….hope to see you so0on sis! Hugs

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