Kitchen cooking for the staff.

What do we eat in the kitchen for lunch? Well we always eat together, when work is finished in the kitchen, ready for the day.

We eat traditional local fare most of the time like potaje de lentaje (lentil soup) en tomatillo ( pork cooked with tomatoes) pork ribs with ibes. Ibes are fresh beans that are quite soft whitish green but very tasty.

Breaded fish is another favourite for me and the employees ,poc chuc also another favourite.One of my jobs is to figure out what we are going to eat that day .Odd times I will cook for all of us or depends on the  time I have, if not, then Mauricio will do the cooking.

I get a little more creative and they always ask what is the name of this ,Valerie ‘ Mmm I don’t know but is it O:K . it doesn’t matter what you cook Valeria it is always   muy rico ( very good). I think they say that just so that they dont have to cook Ha !Ha !

Every Yucatan dish always comes with a name so we then try to put a name to the food I cook.

Saturdays though traditional food goes out the window LOL as its known here as Happy Saturday due to the fact that its pay day.So what do we eat on happy Saturdays? Here are some of their favourites.

Can you believe :

They love hamburgers!! We make our own here with lean beef and no additives which make for a delicious taste.  They are cooked on the grill with all the condiments added along with  French fries and of course the infamous bottle of Coca Cola. I just have to mention here though that they do make hamburgers in the village in the small stalls in the evenings .BUT they deep fry them Yuck! more fat for the diet .

The next choice would be pizza which I normally prepare . Valerie ,they say, you should open a pizza place yours are much better than the pizza place here in the village……. Oh I don’t think so I have enough to do with the running of the restaurant and hotel without added work…. Laughing.

Well now they have another favourite . I,m beginning to  think they are only favourites because I cook them!

Last Saturday I decided I would cook chinese  by way of a change…….We can get soy sauce here so that’s a blessing.I followed the northern English style of batter ( you know we are famous for fish and chips lol) which turns out crispy( no I wont give you the secret lol) under close scrutiny of the kitchen staff.I added garlic and sesame seeds to the mixture for added texture and taste.

I cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces and threw then  into the batter mixture.The veggies where cut Julian style cooked on the grill  and then  fried rice, with eggs.

For the chicken sweet sauce I grabbed sour oranges added a little sugar and thickened it.

Wow ! it was a great success ! They loved it (but of course no dish is complete here without chile)It was wolfed down in mins .All of us were more than stuffed!

Home cooked chinese

The plates in the photos filled four stomachs so that’s how much we ate.Again they said, Valerie why don’t you open a chinese? It would be  success with the village people.. Maurico with his expertize of Italian foods having worked in an upscale Italian restaurant in San Fransico ,me with pizzas and chinese and hamburgers… we laughed and talked about this for some time…. Oh yes I said I  and on the side we can cook Salbutes and Panuchos .

Buen negocio! they exclaimed…………. Si todo es posible pero de donde  encontro el tiempo yo!

Eating together makes for a happy place to work with lots of jokes and laughter flying around in the kitchen…………… I love it!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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