Star trek/X -men comes to the pickled onion

One never knows who is going to drop by for a bite to eat these days.

Yesterday I had a really surprise visitor, with a friend, to the restaurant.

He was charming to say the least and had a wonderful presence about him , I thought..I didn’t recognize him but we had a nice chat with him asking how I came to be here so far out in St Elena and from england, to which I said its better if you read my little leaflet .

A leaflet or little blurb if you like, of how I came to be here in St Elena.So many people ask me and as I was tired of hearing my voice tell the story I decided to write it down and when I remember display it on the tables(now I have it french,spanish and am looking for a german and italian translation……….. any takers?)for people to read whilst we are preparing their food order.It does make interesting conversation to which my surprise guest seemed to be enjoying.

Whilst talking with him and his friend my intuition kicked in and films came to mind but for some reason did not mention anything to him, like I normally do (wish I had now ).

My friend Dr Jorge and his wife Anita were staying with me at time and Dr Jorge came quietly to the kitchen and said in a low voice.Valerie I think that man is in the movies. Oh! I don’t know Jorge but I will go and ask.

Feeling comfortable because the gentleman was from close to the  area of england where I was born, I walked over to my eating guests and asked if I may ask a question.Certainly you can, I have asked you many ,he said.

Please tell me are you an actor because my friend Dr Jorge seems to recognize you ? Yes I am, said he with a radiant smile .Then he went on to explain the movies that he had appeared in.Star Trek X-men and other notable titles.

But in truth I still didn’t know who he was as these are movies I have never seen.But I called over Dr Jorge to be introduced who was beaming from ear to ear.

I apologized for not recognizing him and he was delighted at the fact that I didnt know him.His friend said it was so refreshing not to have people recognizing who his companion might be .

I became quite overwhelmed and asked how did he come to be here in this tiny restaurant. He said my friend organized this trip and did a bang up job and your place was one of our destination points on our last day in Mexico .My friend had read up on trip advisor and liked the comments, so here we are .

He enjoyed the Pollo Alcapparado that is a favourite on the menu and his friend ate the Fajitas de Res and they were   impressed.

We said our goodbyes and upon leaving Samuel one of my staff said Valerie why don’t you take a photo? I had,nt  thought, so we ran out to the parking lot just before they drove away.Quite funny really as his friend said, we wondered why you didn’t ask for a photo.but  the actor didn’t hesitate to get out of the car and very willingly had photos taken with us.

Myself with Patrick Stewart

He is  a very charming, charismatic human being gentle, down to earth person with an aura that shone brightly.I felt so honoured that he visited my place and it will be one of those memories that one keeps for a lifetime.Again I apologized for imposing on him whilst taking photos and he just smiled and said that it was O K .

Fame does come with a price and for well-known actors that want to travel without drawing attention to themselves it must be very difficult to be incognito whilst wanting to see amazing places like Uxmal .

When they left he created excitement in the air and lots of chatter

I went to the computer and looked his name up on Wikipedia and I  was stunned by his achievements . I’m sure I had my mouth open the  whole time I was reading his information .Check it out.

El chef and Patrick Stewart

Oh! you want to know who it was? Sir Patrick Stewart.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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9 Responses to Star trek/X -men comes to the pickled onion

  1. Woo-hoo! Way to go Val! Next you’ll be in People magazine!!

  2. Rainie says:

    How exciting to think of how all of our lives paths cross.. Sooner or later the whole world will enjoy the Pickled Onion experience and have the special opportunity of meeting you. You are a diamond in the travels of many.

  3. Debi says:

    OMG – Valerie, That is fabulous! I’m a Patrick Stewart fan, and not just his Star Trek and X-Men stuff. Although I am a fan of both series.

    Maybe he’ll send more famous people your way! – or if he blogs or tweets maybe he’ll chat you up!

    either way, WOW, a celebrity!

    I love that graphic you found with all the Star Trek characters, took me a little but I found it, now it is my computer desktop.


  4. Barb says:

    You got to meet “Captain Picard”? You lucky duck! He is sooooo sexy.

  5. Riza Tiglao says:

    How nice, Valerie! Soon enough you would be “mainstream”!
    ~ We miss your food!

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