Birthday party and Ticul shoe fair

Sunday I was invited to a birthday party ,the son of one of my employees Samuel better known as El chef.

Daniel is turning 3 years old……… a very bright young lad and if he continues there is a brighter future for him.I know his father spends lots of time with him teaching,reading and learning a few english words.

When I see him in town there is always a cheery VALERIA .The last time I saw him he was on his way to Ticul with his grandparents. I asked him if he was going shopping and if he had some money in his pocket…………He resounded back. Oh Valeria I dont need money I m going with mis abuelas(my grandparents) We all laughed at his quick wit. I must say here though the wit of the local people really reminds me of my birthland England. So quick are we to retort a comment.

When Samuel came last week with the invitation I asked would it be on time or Mexican time.Samuel responded oh mexican time of course….. Well I ALWAYS show up on time or sometimes a little before to find nothing is ready or very well organized.

But on this day I thought I would arrive a little later than normal.

So I did a few things that needed to be done around here thinking I would arrive an hour late……….Well this time I was the one not punctual and would nt you know it! It started on time………but no hard feelings they were just happy I showed up.

Samuel father did the honours of barbecuing . He works at one of the bigger hotels near Uxmal as a chefs helper.I joked with him whilst taking a photo ……….. tocas el carne…. I said to  which he promptly picked up his utensil to poke around the meat and everyone around started to laugh.

I didnt stay too long just long enough to eat a little take a few photos and then head off for the Ticul shoe fair. Ticul is famous not only for its pottery but shoes too………. On every street you will see shoe shops or workshops and people come from all over Mexico to buy.They are not really my style of shoes but at least I thought I maybe able to find some leather sandels.

Its not often I get to go to the fairs but this time I had a chance and not only that I needed some new shoes.Im not sure how many shoe fairs they have in a year but it seems like hundreds…………a bit exaggerated but still its  a lot.

I was surprised how quiet it was in the afternoon not many  people wandering around. Maybe because the clocks were changed the night before and everyone was adjusting to the new time.

I did a quick shuttle around til I found only one place that were selling leather shoes……….. I bought two pairs………..

Then the next booth I really fell in love with some shoes there ,that were made out of jute……….. these will be good for those special outings(guess Ill have these for years to come LOL) and they are actually made in Ticul. I asked for his card so that I can go and by from him direct.The prices are very reasonable each pair costing me equivilant to 10 U S dollars……….MMmmmm cant beat that price.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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