New look casita

The house of Tzab Kan Nah was built firstly as a massage room but because people loved the first house I built and the only one at the time, I thought I would change it to a rental unit.Also with Hermalinda, the lady that used to do massages, having had a slight stroke,she  was no longer available to do massages. This was also another   push to revamp the massage room.

I left the  inside walls as they were. Mud on the inside as well as the outside.Put in the bathroom to which I tiled.It surficed for the time being but then as this place got more popular I had to concentrate on building more Maya casita to rent.

Last week finally came the time to re-do the interior. Hilario my builder,did a great job of cementing the walls . It really does look much better and much easier to keep clean……….no dry mud chipping of the wall.Then I looked at my job in the bathroom and said, you know what; Hilario…. I think we have time to re-do the bathroom before the next guests come along…..  so he chipped away at the tiles on the bathroom floor ready to re-do the tiling.

Like always seem to happen one never  seems to get just the exact tiles one in looking for in the nearby Ticul… well I thought I do need to buy things for the restauarant so I will combine tile shopping and grocery shopping at the same time. I didnt really need much tiling but I knew just what I wanted.

Hilario re-set the river stones as requested and all seemed to come together really well.

ahhh ahhh! not only does Hilario know construction he also knows how to do paint jobs………and clean!!!!….Great! that lets me off from doing it and I can concentrate on other things.

All this done then came the last touches . New homemade  cover for the top spread(again another buy in Merida just not possible around here) then the mosquito netting around the bed  .We put runners on the bottom of the door to help keep out pesky things (not that I have many but it makes the guesties feel more comfortable)and nestleed mosquito netting between the walls and the palapa roof. Added a coffee/tea machine for those early rises and now all looks clean, fresh and lovely..

I am only missing one thing at the moment and that is a painting on the wall.As soon as I have finished and its framed it will be there!

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to New look casita

  1. Fred says:

    If this is the same Hilario who is on your staff, then he is a truly multi-talented fellow. The casita looks wonderful; another reason to return.

    • Yes Fred its the same one……….It is a rarity to find someone like him.. but he enjoys the challanges. Not only that he made the four poster thingy too.Went out cut the wood, cleaned and varnished it .Then put it together… its like he knows exactly what I want with one explanation. Maybe thats why he did so good in englsh whilst in the states… He actually gave a talk at the end of his semester on Maya culture and the ancient civilization all in english.But we do talk in english and spanish Its funny sometimes we start off in spanish then ends up in english or we start off in english and ends up in spanish……

  2. Marc says:

    It looks very nice. I can’t wait for my next visit.

  3. Heather says:

    It is amazing how your place has grown, Valerie, from its humble beginnings. Your energy and positive actions are a great inspiration.

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