Finally I find time to write about the trip to Calakmul…. Mmm let me see, well I left off gassing up ready for my next days trip to Calamul.Its a long way!!!! From Xpuhil I travelled west( a good hour) on highway 184 and followed the signs to Calakmul .From the main highway take the road south and you find yourself meandering through lush tropical jungle.

The road in places is not the best so one cannot drive with speed and it does tend to meander.

jungle path with howler monkey in background

I saw a few wild turkeys but they ran so fast I couldnt get a photo of them. I came to what I thought was the main entrance to Calakmul straight ahead of me.It looked quite new did the building so I parked and entered thinking it was the ticket both.

Well no, in fact it was a new museum that had been created but right in the middle of the road? I did see a road veering off to the right but thought it was just a pathway and it wasnt well signed… Umm I thought this is a good catch to get people into the museum and leave donations. The staff were friendly enough and I was greeted by a guide all too willing to take me around and spout out his knowledge of flora,fauna and animals etc………. It just seemed strange to me the location of the place.

I tried a few times to make my aplogies but said I don t really have time for this I am on the way to Calakmul and it seems there is still quite a distance to go.

stella with carvings

Finally after one and half hours on a meandering road I arrived at the entrance.There wasnt much in the way of maps or anything of how to get around the site. I felt it was needed as the site is so big.

I relied on some material that I had brought along ……….. good thinking on my part I thought.

If you do go make sure you have good walking shoes and lots of mosquito repellent and also a snack and water(there is no where to buy water of refrescos) again to which I did!

There is lots to see and the walk in the jungle is very nice . I did manage to see one howler monkey,some spider monkeys and a tapir. In this respect I thought I was very lucky….. Not many birds though as the jungle is quite dense.

I finally made it to the highest pyrimid in the whole of Yucatan but by the time I had found it I was a little tired . I looked up and thought to heck with it Im not in the mood to climb. So I sat on the steps opened my can of Tuna ,packet of crackers and ate.! But it was relaxing listening to the sounds of the jungle and no one to interupt AHHH!I watched as the spider monkeys where doing their thing flying from tree to tree.

I cant say that this site gave me the wow feeling as I had hoped. I think after the site of Uxmal and along the Ruta Puuc sort of spoils one with all the ornate work. I am sure in its time Calakmul was a splended sight to behold and it could have possibly had lots of ornamental stucco but now what one sees are ruins and plane stones . Quite a few stellas which reminded me very much of Tikal in Guatamala.

hIghest Pyrimid in the Yucatan penninsula

So all in all I am glad I went,  now I can talk about it with clients who drop by and are interested in seeing Calakmul . I would not really recommend it for children, most, I am sure, would get bored and there is nothing worse than trying to hold childrens attencion against their will. I know cause I did it when my children were small too!LOL

Oh! I did something unusual (or maybe not)looking as if they were on a mission.Not really taking any notice of the path in front   but walking pretty fast. Well further along I could see why!

Ahah ! you thought I was going to tell you of some rare animal or something

No it was Google map people come out to map Calakmul.So maybe there will be a map soon of Calakmul!

My favourite of the three ruins I saw, well it has to be Xpuhil but maybe the next time I am in this area I will check out the other sites and my favourite may change

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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3 Responses to Calakmul

  1. Monkeys! Wow, what a trip. Can’t wait to do this someday.

  2. kathy says:

    Just found your blog and FWIW, our 4 kids loved Calakmul. I think it was 3 to 4 years ago we went, however. there was no museum. We did a lot of sitting and taking things in and watched a family of spider monkeys play in teh branches above us. We spent most of the day there, though, and that might have been the difference.

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