Santa Rosa Xtampak ruins

One of my
most favourite ruins to visit is close to Hopelchen located in Campeche, about
a 40 min drive from here.The drive itself is very pleasant, passing through
some really nice country side through Mennonite country(yes we have Mennonites
here too).The fields are ploughed and planted beautifully and does remind one
of areas where I used to live in Canada.

Just before
entering Hopelchen you will see a sign pointing to the left saying Santa
Rosa.The road is not paved and can be a little ugly in most places. I went  some years ago but the road was so bad I
eventually turned around.Then the last time I went I had heard that they  had repaired the road with new Sascab so I
ventured out again.It takes about another 40 mins to reach the ruins but again the
drive through the countryside makes it well worth while.

The road
actually finishes once inside the parking area (so you cannot get lost ).Passing
through the entrance where the fee is nominal I couldn’t help noticing a phone
hanging on the wall. This too seemed strange being so far out that I asked the
caretaker……… does it work? He smiled shyly and said, yes.

On the
other side of the entrance was seen a steep ascend to actually get to the
runs…. Oh well good exercise………… But reaching the top it all seemed to level
out with the most wonderous buildings to be seen.

Main temple

Santa Rosa
Xtampak looks more like chenes design than the Puuc region in Yucatan and on
the borders of Campeche.The stones seemed so white and bright and just
seemed  to illuminate the jungle.

The main
structure is said to have internal staircase(which is now closed off for

What struck
me was the seeming like balconies on each level either side of the man stairs.
I wondered around slowly (there was no one else only  my friend
and I at the time).

We walked
around the back of one of the temples and came across this curious chimney type
structure with remains of ashes as if ceremonies are still done here.

Back of the temple

One of the
buildings had a doorway in tact ………….. entrance to another world!

ELlntrance to the other world


The two
doors on either side is where people entered to have a cleansing before
entering the main door way to connect with the other worlds

At the back
of this building one can see the remains of what would have been a sweat lodge.
Further north, in Mexico, they are known as Temozcal but I don’t know by what
name they went  by in Maya times

Maya sweat lodge

.As you
can see by the photo it would have had a dome shaped roof and more depth than
you can see here.There would have been seating stones in a semi-circle around
an open firepit.It is quite small so I shouldn’t imagine that no more than two
to three persons could enter at one time.

But for
sure all signs were pointing to a very prominent and powerful place in its
time. It still had that feel to me anyway.

As soon as
they have the road resurfaced again and I hear about it I will definitely
return to savour the peace and quiet and find time to meditate.


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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7 Responses to Santa Rosa Xtampak ruins

  1. Marc says:

    Really interesting, Valerie. You often point out interesting, less-known places of interest, and those are the kind I love to visit. I need to come down to Santa Elena and visit you again soon.

  2. RJ says:

    So did you travel to Xtampak lately? How is the road? Could a small car negotiate it? Thanks in advance, RJ

    • Hello R J I was there around 6 months ago and in some parts the road was not that good and now with the recent very heavy rains I would hate to guess that the road would be good . There are no issues with small cars as the road is paved but it is the potholes one has to watch out for .

      • RJ says:

        Hi Valerie,
        Thank you for your prompt answer.
        I plan on travelling in December. Hopefully it will be drier by then. Really looking forward to.
        Did you visit the surrounding sites such as Hochob and Dzibilnocac? How are the roads leading there, to Dzibilnocac in particular?
        Also, did you visit other Maya sites in Yukatan? specifically the ones around Palenque and Xpujil?


  3. Sorry for the delay in responding… the rainy season brings issues with electricty amongst other things … December is not the rainy season so you should be O K … It is many years since I went to the other sites… Palenque I love because of the setting , very humid…. Xpujil .. if you travel that way you can incorperate the small site in Xpujil , Calakmul,Becan etc all worth seeing
    I hope this helps you and good luck withe your planning

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