Off the tourist track

Sunday came and went but I had the opportunity to go on a little sightseeing tour by myself whilst the staff looked after the restaurant for me.

I have been to the little known ruins of Chunhuhub before but a long time ago .I knew that it would be cleaned and clear as the archeologists had worked for the past three weeks there and had made the pickled onion their base.


Chunhuhub is located just inside the border of Campeche state about 10 mins to the first turnoff for Xculoc. I headed towards San Antonio Yaaxche then hung the first right. The road was not very good with all the rains it made for lots of potholes. Nevertheless I made it.I parked the car at the entrance and walked towards the site.It sure was nice and clean with whitewash stones leading the way. I didnt see anyone but within minutes out of one of the ruins popped out the caretaker Pedro.I got a quiet unintrusive tour.One can only see the palace area but with its distinctive syle of the Puuc region.

open view

There were many tumbled down ruins around and I wondered how anyone can ever put back together these buildings.

Pedro took me over to see a ceiba tree that he said was planted over 30 years ago.He told me the story of how someone had carved a cross on the trunk and as time passed by the tree had pushed out this amazing feature of a face with the cross still on it.

He seemed quite proud of this and began telling me how long he had worked there . I figure from his facial features now he must have been a mere lad!

face in the tree

I continued on to the small pueblo of Xculoc just to see what it was like.

The old well at Xculoc

Very barren and quiet but with the locals looking at me intrigued to say the least.I took a few photos then did an about turn heading towards San Antonio Yaaxche to take

Well trimmed Ceiba tree in Xculoc

photos of an old ruined Hacienda which I knew about.

The hacienda in its time must have been a sight to see ,sprawling across the country side.There were buildings and more buildings all in a derelict state but one could imagine.The towns people had been left to fend for themselves after the uprising of the caste war when all the haciendas owners seem to have fleed.

My thoughts were how beautiful it would be to have this place restored…………..if only I had the money!But I later heard that the new owner is non other than Yvonne Ortega but then again who really knows until the day comes.

Hacienda San Antonio Yaaxche

But I did enjoy taking pictures of the place and soon my dreams came to an end when I headed back home to take care of business!

Original ovens

The chapel of the hacienda

Lots of evidence of the use of old maya stones from pyrimids etc

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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