Museo del cacao/plantacion Tikul

After what seems
like waiting for ever the new chocolate museum is now open and operating.

It’s been a
long hard slog for Mathew and his helper Martin. Mathew from Belgium is the
owner of X’ocoatl chocolate store in Merida where they make home made Belgian
style chocolate.

A few weeks
ago I was privileged to be invited to the inauguration of the museum, a very
proud moment for Mathew and his family.

I have
known Mathew for more than two years as he would drop by for a bite to eat or
bring his visiting family out to see the place and again drop in for a bite to
eat. I have had a running commentary of how things were going, the ups and
downs of starting a business here in Mexico. But he survived and made it
through with  his tenacity and work
ethics. He is a hard worker and it shows in the smallest details that one
wouldn’t even think about. Everything is very polished and professionally done.

Of course I
was just as excited to be a part of the opening and to get to see the place
with a couple of hundred people. The ceremony was short and sweet then we were
led on a guided tour of the place. Its very well set out going from one Maya
style casita to another all full of information. The plants are new but in
another year they will be at their best.

For the
opening they invited a chef from Europe bringing with him some unusual ideas
one which I thought was quite ingenious was a small cup of chocolate with a
mini dropper inside which was full with Tequila . On the outside of the
chocolate was a smattering of salt which you tasted first then took from  the dropper,
the Tequila, then ate the chocolate
which was made with lemon .

Quite a
neat twist on the Tequila shot! Then onto the snifter……..with a choice of
chocolate, cinnamon and I cant remember the other. The snifter was made from
Plexiglas to which was put your choice and el chef clicked the snifter whilst
you inhaled the powder…… quite novel. This idea el chef told me was that he had
to do a function for the ladies of the Rolling Stones  and came up with the idea of sniffing
chocolate as the desert.

But now its
in full swing and a must,to go and visit on your journey of the Ruta puuc .
Their website is equally professional

So check it
out and on your way home or back to Uxmal be sure and drop in for a bite to eat
here at the pickled onion and let me know how you liked the museum.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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