A special treat

Well whos a lucky girl then…… why ? I had an invitation to one of the most luxurious Hacienda in the Yucatan (and one of the most expensive) for a gift of a massage.Hacienda Temozon  is part of a chain of Mexican owned haciendas that have been restored to their original state.

Most of the furnishing are antiques which fit well with the ambiance. I was  even given the chance to look into the curators of the patron which is not the luxury suite where well known celebrities have stayed including President Calderon and George Bush  .

Front porch

How did I get my invite? The manager of the spa and hacienda came by one day last week with his family for lunch at my place. Kedo(he is from Switzerland) said he had heard so much about my place that he wanted to come by personally to taste the food.He informed me who he was before eating which put me a little bit nervous to say the least but after their lunch all were impressed by the quality of the food  and the reasonable price.

His lovely  wife from Guadalajara then informed me that  Kedo is also a chief…….. Oh no! so I joked and said sorry but this is not a 5 star restaurant is just home cooking to which he replied oh but Valerie everything was delicious !

That’s when the invite came, to come by the Hacienda Temozon  and indulge myself in a massage as he wanted feed back of how the girls worked and if there could be improvements made.I was astounded by this wonderful gesture and didn’t hesitate to say Yes Please!

The massage ladies

So Saturday was the day that I made the arrangements to drop by.  I was thrilled to say the least and more than excited.

I arrived in my old V W,not really  what one would expect driving into Temozon Sur for a day at the most expensive Hacienda but heh its me! And I am not one to put on airs and graces cause I don’t have to prove nada  a nadie LOL

As I came out   from the parking lot I was greeted by the security asking who I was etc etc .   Oh he said Kedo is expecting you please go right in .My breath was taken away by what lie ahead a  sprawling hacienda flanked by palms and the greenest grass I have seen in ages. How splendiferous was the view.I quietly walked up the entrance stairway how the security guard had directed me and Kedo met me on the front porch.

He directed me to the spa  passed the pool to where the girls where waiting for me and the treat was to begin. I wallowed in the luxury  as every part of my body relaxed into the massage bed like I was one with the bed.The aromas,the peacfullness,the sound of nature all touching my body as Maria began the massage. It was a truly healing session which I had longed for, for some time.

After the hour of massage I came back to reality and quietly made my way back to the restaurant where again Kedo was waiting for me. I thanked him profusely even becoming emotional that I would have such luck to be in this place and thanked him for his generosity.

pool at Temozon

Because of his kindness I thought it would be only fair to reciprocate a little so I decided to treat myself to lunch overlooking the pool area.Kedo drank a glass of limonada with me before he had to dash off. I did give him some pointers as he had asked me to ( I used to work in a spa as a reiki therapist and aroma therapist )I  enjoyed my lunch of Mera (fish) and was too full to take in a dessert so opted for a cup of coffee instead. When it was time for the bill another surprise was in  store for me Kedo had asked the waiter to give me a discount on my food bill!

Its these things that restore faith in human beings. When things don’t go to well we can look back on these treasures to reassure us that there are caring, thoughtful people out there. People who are not looking for what they can gain out of being generous to another  but give from the heart.

restuarantMy lunch


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