H’eedz M’eek

H’eedz  m’eek is a Maya word that refers to the way that mothers carry their babies.From birth they carry the babies in arms cradled and in front. The babies are always close to the mothers and not very often you see newborn babies sleeping alone in a hammock but as I said always close to the mother.

Then comes the time ,when really ,the baby becomes too heavy to carry in this way and a form of baptism is done which will allow the mothers to carry the babies on their hips . Am sure and of course I know ,relieving the burden a little.

H’eedz M’ee k was so important to the ancient Maya that is still practice today in the pueblos of the Maya  and of course to no exception here in St Elena.

The parents choose a godparent usually with a profession or official person . For  a girl it would be a lady and for a boy a gentleman.

On the day of the ceremony all the godparents, guests, families arrive at the house and are received with great attention.The conversation relates usually to all the good things they have whilst the baby is given its new position to be carried  passing one to another. As this is happening tools of trade are past to the parents  for Example if they want for their son to be a  good carpenter then a hammer would be given or if the parents intentions for their daughter was to be able to sew  well,then needles and thread are given. Pencils, books and the like are also given so that the child be  a good scholar.

Then of course time for celebrations with food and drink . This then is what is called H’eedz M’eek

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2 Responses to H’eedz M’eek

  1. I was always under the impression that hets mek or heedz or heads up 😀 was the way they carried the young child but only more recently learned that it was also a ceremony.

    There’s always a good reason to have a party!

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