What do I do all day now that the season is slow?

What do  I do all day now that the tourist season is officially over until july. There maybe odd dropins on a daily basis ,ones that like to come off season for normal tourists. So again what do I do all day going from a working day of 16/17 hours to maybe 6/7 hours.

There is always something to do. Last week we painted and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen. Oh  it looks so nice I don’t want to use it ever again LOL. But this is our yearly  chore.The dinning room gets a paint lift too. We really dig into the corners

Samuel doing a touch up paint job

Any plumbing work or electrical get checked and renewed if needed

The rental rooms get their facelift too a fresh coat of paint ,wood beams scrubbed and again any parts that need replacing gets done. You know the general spring cleaning stuff!

Ideas I have had for changes or rearranging get done cause now I have the time.

I catch up on my reading…………… got books piled high ……………..Oh dear Ill never get them finished in time Oh well

My latest reading material

I have to make time to enjoy the pool too ! When we have guesties I don’t like to interfere in their time around the pool so now I make the most of it. And let me tell you the best time for me and the most enjoyable is when it’s a full moon, the stars are shinning brightly.. the night is still and warm and the brightness of the moon lights up the earth. 


I put a floater on the back of my neck and soak in the essence of the moon. Its wonderful!

I catch up on long overdue email or mail. Edit a little booklet that I have sitting around about how I arrived in  St Elena “my story”  and write up dates etc.

Working at the computer

Now that I have a new look website www.thepickledonionyucatan.com

I  created new business cards which led to creating a new menu which led to updating an information booklet that gives lots of interesting places to see and do around here.

Sewing new sheets and pillow cases ready for the new casita which will be ready by July.

I have art work to finish that was started awhile ago ready for the new house.I dont consider myself an artist but I do like to dabble now and again.

Painting project


Overseeing the building of the new palapa………….Here you are the main contractor, designer, go getter for materials .

Check out the gardens areas and plan ready for planting in the rainy season mmmm soon that will be upon us .

See friends that I haven’t had time to see

Phew !where does the time go ,soon it will be July better get that next book read when I have finished my chores.

O h dear I have to go to Merida yet for personal things like renewing of visas which will take two or possibly three trips.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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14 Responses to What do I do all day now that the season is slow?

  1. Nancy says:

    I took a look at the new website (looks nice!) and can’t find the restaurant section or the menu. Are they being updated? I was just on the site a few days ago looking at the menu; am I missing something?

  2. Heather says:

    Lying on a mat in your pool looking up at a full moon on a hot night sounds like heaven to me, Valerie. After reading all you do, I can’t imagine how you find time for such a luxury. In truth, you have to find time for this magical moment. Enjoying your blog!

  3. suk says:

    We are back home around 7 pm. It was great to see all little towns. I just loved it. We stopped by Ticul but no luck to find Steve Korean restaurant, maybe next time. I love cuzama cenotes. I can stay all day long, what a jewel in yucatan. I had a ball all day. It is just perfect time to go to cenote hot summer day in my opinions. It was very quite so it was my own private swimming pool, I jumped in & dive so many times, i did not want to leave that place. Your foods were delicious, your place is so clean & neat place. I know y will enjoy & customers are happy. I will come back for sure next year so be health & keep blogs so I will know what is going on pickledonion. Tx y so much for everything. Love suk & walter

  4. BerylG says:

    Valerie, are you aware that Frank Joseph, the author of the Atlantis book in your photo (real name is Frank Collin) was a leader of a neo-nazi white supremacist group in the Chicago area until he was kicked out when they found out that his father was a Jew named Cohen. The group was called the National Socialist Party of America and it existed for one purpose only – to continue the holocaust in whatever form possible. Mr. Joseph organized the ill-fated nazi march on Skokie, IL in 1977. Skokie was targeted for the hate demonstration because of its large number of concentration camp survivors.
    You are such a gentle soul, and it is hard for me to put together the Valerie I know patronizing a hateful, destructive and evil person as Frank Joseph.

    • Dear Beryl

      When one chooses a book that sparks our interest its usually for the contents that are written within and it is not always about the author. For me, this particular book which I purchased from a new age book store and which literally fell off the shelf in front of me, I found to be very interesting and well written. I tend towards the free thinking and free speech mode and I take what resonates with me and leave the rest alone. As in life not all is what it seems and my reality differs from the reality of anothers.

      As for the author thank you for enlightening me on his past or present life to which I know nothing about but feel I cannot pass judgment. We are here to experience our own journeys in this life that we choose and as he chooses his own journey only he can resolve his own issues whatever they may be.n the

      Dosent it say somewhere in a great book of words/ forgive them for they know not what they do /and in the end the judgment day will come for each and everyone of us.

      And so I will continue to read the books that sparks my attention no matter where the information comes from or by who .

  5. BerylG says:

    I feel that a book is an expression of the author. He is sending his thoughts and values to us, although covered with layers of other materials. A man who wants to exterminate all Jews and who has sex with ten-year-old boys is not, in my opinion, anyone I want to hear from no matter what the topic.
    We can admire the lives of many of our well-known writers. Margaret Atwood, Dick Francis, Maya Angelou, and thousands of others because we realize that their fiction or non-fiction reflects things that are critical to their overall belief systems. If Jose Arguelles were to write a book about Atlantis, I would read it because I believe he comes from a gentle, humanistic place. But if a nazi writes a book, or a serial killer writes a book, I would not be interested in reading it.
    As a writer, I know that my soul is intertwined with every word I write. I am not saying my soul is pure or to everyone’s liking, but I am not a killer or a pedophile. There are lots of writers who have lead edgy lives but who weren’t evil and I feel they have somethig to say.
    but for Mr. Collin, violent racism is a dominant theme in his life. I haven’t read his book nor will I, but I am sure he has found a way to work in his obsessive preference for a pure white race, even though his father was a a Jew from the Dachau, almost a bad joke.

    • Dear Beryl I dont feel one cannot critize a book witout reading its contents first..
      As f or Jose Arguellas I have read books by him and they dont resonate with me at all. For instance how can one go about changing the Maya Calander saying its not correct when its worked fine for the Maya for centuries? But thats his believe and so be it ! And your believe is yours and so be it! And my believe is mine and so be it!

  6. Interesting thoughts on an interesting topic… personally I dont think you can judge the book based on what the writer may or may not have done in the past… the book is what it is regardless of who the writer was. The past is the past and we all have the ability to change! Personally I wouldnt want to live in a world where forgiveness and rebirth wasnt possible… just my two cents lol

  7. BerylG says:

    To Dreams of Merida: Do you really think a neo-nazi pedophile can change who he is? Sounds pretty naive.

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