Another corrida comes to town!

Another corrida (bullfight) starts May 13th in St Elena. If you have never seen one its quite an experience and another excuse for partying .The corridas are usually connected to a religious festival and all around the Yucatan you will see the man made bullrings being built.

St Elena of course is no exception and this one will be held for the patron saint of this small pueblo, San Mateo (Saint Michael). The effigy of San Mateo will be taken  down from  his niche  in the church around 4 am on May 13th with the sound of fireworks to announce the beginning of the procession and then a mas will be said..

The church of St Elena

. The corrida is set up in the playing field in front of the small chapel. They used to have the corridas in front of the main church and the palacio a few years back but a change was in need.

San Mateo in the chapel of San Juan


The main events of course will be the bullfights usually starting when the sun goes down around 5 pm lasting until around 10 pm,then off home to shower and change ready for the evening dances.

The first night they will hold the vaqueria , a traditional dance with all participants usually wearing the traditional dress of the Yucatan . Again you will hear the sounds of fireworks announcing the start of the dance. The Azteca orchestra will strike up the music around midnight or so and the custom is that the dance continues into the early morning hours. People are invited from around the area to participate coming as far as Bolenchen in Campeche state,Tekax, Cozuma, Muna.When they arrive they are announced officially and parade around the dance area to applauds from other visitor and locals.Its very elegant to watch.

The newly crowned queen of st ElenaThe dance begins


Teach them youn Saturday,the second nights band ,will be more for the younger ones , Furia Latina will blast their music until the wee hours alternating with a surprise band. This night will prove to be popular as Furia Latina is a popular well known band.Sunday at mid day the celebrations will continue with a mass and a procession in honour of San Mateo. They will take the effigy of san Mateo to the small chapel of San Juan which is situated in front of the park, where the corrida is held. Again at 5 ish, as everyday will be the bullfight and yet again another dance this time it will be to the sounds of disco music. Entrance to San Juan chapel


Monday will be the last day of the festival but as in the past if the people enjoy the whole affair it just may carry over to another day or even to the next weekend.

One cannot forget one of the main highlights of the bullfights and that  is to queue up for the infamous chocolomo .What’s this you may ask? Well, usually the first bull of the fight is killed (only the first one) taken out of the ring, skinned, cut up and then hung up for sale. As I mentioned before there is always a line up for this (warm) meat .Not to my taste really but heh! I’m not Yucatecan either ha! Ha!



waiting to enter the arena


As the corrida is helped by the beer company Sol all the beer places in town will be closed while this event is ongoing……….. What does that mean? Maybe a few drunks at the corrida as it will be the only place to buy beer or at the dances but that’s what makes it more interesting sometimes .So along with music,noise,squeals and shouting at the bulls or whoever is around a good time will be had  by all .

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2 Responses to Another corrida comes to town!

  1. I hope you have fun enjoying the musica! It will be loud, loud, loud. I was in Cholul recently and they had their last day of the fair – I noticed a live band in the stands playing background music for the bulls and horseriders.

    • Oh it was loud if felt like at times the music was in my backyard.Sometimes it depends on which way the wind blows as how the sound travels.I was going to go but fell in my hammock instead but the locals say it was the best band ever. The music did sound good and wished I had gone.I love to dance! And was I sleep deprived oh no not me after living previously in Ticul on a corner between 2 sala de fiestas and one block from the palacio ,one gives in and goes to sleep . Yes they do have a live band hanging out from a second floor post .I dont know if its to encourage the sleepy looking bulls to get up and fight,or for the crowd but its tradition!

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