Spring blooms in Yucatan

The spring Flamboyan are now in bloom and what a lovely back drop it gives when the sun begins to set here at the Pickled Onion. I am so excited to see so many blooms this year on the young tree. Last year I think it managed only about 4 blooms in  total. I have a much larger one which gives off yellow flowers but I have yet to see any signs of flowers……….. Ill just keep watching and waiting.

The drive into Merida, which I have to do from time to time ,is much more pleasant ,when you travel down Ave Itzas and the central boulavard is alive with vibrant flowering flamboyan trees……… a beautiful sight

The flor de mayo ,with its fragrant blooms are breathtaking. I was given two plants when I first opened as a gift but have recently found out that one can easily transplant them.Zacaria my gardener/handy man broke off two pieces and planted them at the entrance way and within two weeks they were thriving.

Red flor de MayoWhite flor de Mayo


My spring visitor this year was a squirrel cuckoo (Kip Cho) He’s a big bird measuring 18 inches in length with reddish plumage on the upperparts and grey on the lower. It has a long tail with white markings at the end. I was surprised to see him as he usually frequents low thorn scrub, mangrove swamps, and inundated medium forests. He didn’t seem to bother too much as I started shooting away with my camera but as I only have a dinky camera (but works O K for me )it was hard to get really good clear close-up shots of him .

I wonder what the next day will bring me here in Magical Yucatan I’m sure it will be another surprise!





About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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8 Responses to Spring blooms in Yucatan

  1. Marc Olson says:

    Yes, Valerie, it’s that time of year. I was out and about today here in Mérida and noticed the flamboyanes all over the city, both the very red and the lighter yellow variety. And, my beautiful new flor de mayo, a small branch broken off of your beautiful red-yellow plant (with your permission), is happily established in my garden.

  2. Reg says:

    What a lovely write up with all of the pictures of the flowers and the trees! I know for a fact that you need to be there in person to appreciate all of the hard work and efforts you have put into your business. It looks absolutely fabulous…a far cry from that little cement block building you had and the bare rocks when you started…LOL. The new family suite is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh thank you so much Reg . I will never forget ALL the support you gave to me when I started and ALL the support you and Larry continue to give. You have and are a blessing in my life and I love you both lots your sis Valerie

  3. Debi says:

    I love the photos of the squirrel cuckoo. Very cool, and not frequently seen. I’ve only seen one so far in my life!
    Everyday is indeed an adventure!

  4. agedpixel says:

    Your write up came in google under flor de Mayo”. Greetings from Puerto Vallarta. Would love to get some cuttings from the Red flor de Mayo.

    • Thank you for your comments
      taking cuttings is very easy one just breaks off a branch and plant…. there you have it.
      Do you have these tres in Puerto Vallarta… I am assuming you do as they are tropical
      If there was a way I could send you some cuttings I would but I would not trust the mail service here….

      • agedpixel says:

        Hello Valerie,

        We do have pink and white version of the Plumeria here in Vallarta. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the other colors like yours (Pink/Yellow/Red).

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