The heats up and the Mangoes are on the tree.

It’s hot and has been for the last month with higher than normal temperatures for this time of year……………………… What do the Mexicans do……………. Head for the nearest beach , pool or water hole to cool off.

Pool hidden behind a screen of plants


For the two years I let the locals come and dip in my pool but this year I’m afraid it won’t happen. Why?  I got tired of explaining why its not possible to enter my pool with all their clothes on and that they can only enter with a proper bathing suit. The locals and lots of Mexicans are used to going to local pools that fill up with water (a nora) for two or three days then emptied again when its dirty ready for the next fill up. They jump in with as I said before everyday clothes, jeans, t shirts the women with shorts ,tank tops , bras and who knows even their underwear. The girls are very shy and wouldn’t enter the pool if there were too many boys . This does seem weird as when they are dressed up for a party or function the skimpier the outfit the better… so I  ask  myself why are they shy to wear a bathing suit… just cultural differences.

early morning bathers befor leaving for other destinations


To us northerners this may seem a strange dress code for a swimming pool.

I got tired of explaining about the filtered pool and the effect that everyday clothing has on the clogging of the pump system, why there is chlorine in the water why they cant jump from the hammock into the pool why they should shower before entering and why they should shower after swimming. Some of them would come with the muddiest feet you have ever seen and if I wasn’t watching carefully would enter the pool without washing. They would leave their chicle on the floor, tramp it in and I would sometimes find it in the pool Arrghhh! Not to mention the garbage that they would leave lying around right where there was a garbage can!

I feel bad that I have decided not to let the locals use it anymore it just became too frustrating for me to handle. One needs less stress in this life I said to myself one day, so why are you putting yourself through this . The one great excuse I have is that things have changed and now it is only for the hotel people that stay a night or two. This seems to have worked and they don’t seem to be insulted at all by this, thank goodness.

As for the mangoes a nice fresh juice of mango goes well by the pool.My tree had born its first fruits this year so off to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh mango…………. also great with chile and salt the Mexican way to eat fruit MMmmmm!

my first year of Mangoes



About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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3 Responses to The heats up and the Mangoes are on the tree.

  1. Yes Val, one does try, but it can be frustrating sometimes. I can’t wait to enjoy the pool next time I stop there, and I will be sure to wash my muddy feet and bring some shorts 😀

    Enjoy the mangos; I LOVE this time of the year just for the mangos! Nothing better than standing at the sink, mango juice dripping down your arms, as you sink your teeth into these juicy suckers!


  2. Marc Olson says:

    Congratulations on your first harvest of mangoes! Mango is my favorite fruit, and this time of year I eat a lot of them.

    An interesting thing I did last year was to freeze some mangoes and save them until the season was long over. They are soggy if you thaw them, but still taste wonderful in a liquado, or better yet, eaten frozen like a paleta. After a few minutes out of the freezer, the skin slides off easily. It’s easy to eat and not quite as messy as a fresh mango. Now I freeze mangos even during the season to make a delicious dessert, better than any store-bought sorbet.

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