An afternoon at the cenote


inside the cenote


individual eating palapitas

An afternoon at the cenote

One of the many questions that are asked here at The Pickled Onion is are there any cenotes around here? Well no, there aren’t as I am living in the Ruta Puuc region of Yucatan the elevation rises to a point where the underground waterways are at a depth of more than 70 meters. I know this because I had a well dug last year to this depth, whereas in Merida one can reach water at a depth of 34 to 40 meters. Quite a difference one would say!

So I took a trip to find one of the nearest to St Elena and it took me one hour of driving time to reach it. The cenote ,San Ignacio, is located in a small town of Cholola going north towards Merida on the Campeche/Merida highway . Once you  enter  into town its easily located with many signs  giving the directions .Today being Sunday it was very busy with more Mexican travelers than foreign tourists and was hard to find a parking spot.

 They have their own website which I checked out beforehand and it looked quite inviting with the lovely photos they have online  so I was looking forward to have a bite to eat ,a swim and even maybe a massage.

The entrance fee was 50  pesos and was told that I could not take my bag down below the subterranean  cenote and I could either lock my personal stuff in my car or use their locker which I could obtain a key from the foyer of the restaurant.I wandered in and my first impression was I could see the potential of great improvement of the place.

The small eating palapas were cute set up with a large table and chairs but I wandered into the main dinning area close to the serving area. I sat and waited and waited and waited whilst in view of all the inexperienced young meseros  that were hanging around checking cell phones and general chit chatting amongst themselves

 Finally I walked up to the serving area and asked if the restaurant was open……………..of course I knew it was. I was given a menu and returned to my seat. Finally with a gesture of my hand came the waiter. After viewing the serving area my appetite sort of left me so I just ordered queso fundido and a beer.I couldn’t believe the potion that I received it just seemed skimpy to me. Oh well Im here now and I was a bit peckish.I ate,paid and asked for the bill and the way to the changing rooms ready for my swim.

 I did get a key to the lockers to put my belongings in but then I was left wondering how to hold on to the key whilst I was swimming or where I could hide it so that no one would snatch it up and open my locker . You see the number of the locker was very visible so even though one felt secure that the Stuff is in the locker its not really very secure.

Any way I changed and walked down to the cenote to enjoy a cool dip with about 75 other people. The water was inviting as always in the cenotes but again the photos on the web did it more than justice  .Maybe it was me as we know we see pictures and paint an image in our minds and sometimes things just don’t come up to expectation.

One of the pictures on the web shows someone having a massage on a table in the cenote and I thought this would be really neat to have but I didn’t see any signs of a massage table or masseuse. Maybe it was just not the right day.I did enjoy my swim though and glad that I went to see the place but not sure that I would go back in a hurry.

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5 Responses to An afternoon at the cenote

  1. Hola Val!

    Nice to see I am not the only one with a less-than-stellar impression of this ‘attraction’. I checked it out the other day, looking for more options for my traveling friends and was not impressed by the size of the cenote, the apathetic attitude of the folks up top and the price. There are a gazillion better options out there if you are looking for cenotes, IMHO.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Barb says:

    We were there in Nov and had the same impressions you did. We were told the restaurant was open but nobody came to serve us. And yeah. It’s much smaller than the website would have you believe. Wonder where they would even put a massage table.

    • Looking at the info they have on the cenote they acutally have the massage table shown in the cenote. While I was swimming around i thought the same thing but did notice an area thats not too deep that would fit a table . BUt the poor massuese would be hard pressed to keep a sure footing on the stones.

  3. Barb says:

    oooohhh…the table would be in the water! Now that would be cool. Maybe not so much for the masseuse, though.

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