The jungle takes over the ruins of Nophat

The jungle takes over the ruins of Nohpat

ascending the highest building of Nohpat


Nohpat is located on the outskirts of St Elena on the way to Uxmal. The access road is usually only used by beekeepers and there are a few milperos that travel the camino feo.. (the ugly road)

To walk from the main highway would take you more than an hour w hich I have done in the past. By car you really need a four wheel drive or utility vehicle to go over the many bumps.

This time I went with Dr Jorge in his nice air conditioned four wheel car AHHHH! And one of my workers who is very knowledgeable about the area.

Dr Jorge had been coming to stay with me once or twice a year since the first casita was built. Sometimes he comes with his wife and sometimes alone. He loves coming to explore the Mayan ruins all the way from his home in Puebla.

We started off at 7 am in the morning so as not to be out in the midday sun . As always it was a bright clear and sunny day . Within 10 mins we were turning off the main highway onto the road to Nophat . After driving and being jostled around somewhat we arrived at one of the locations. As I said before I had visited these ruins but this part was new to me.

Vingetter of carved stones


Jorge found a spot to park and we embarked on the journey into the woods .We first came across a vignette of Mayan carves stones that someone had nicely placed as if marking the entrance way.



 We passed one of the many chultuns that can be found in any Maya sites and carried on.

The first house Hilario took us to still have the original smooth stucco attached to the stones showing the famous hand signatures of the ancient Maya. I measured my hand against the painted hands in awe of what thousands of years had preserved. We scrambled up and down admiring the fallen hand carved stones and the wonderment of it all.

Maya handprints


We saw ruined houses one after the other built on terraces that where filled with stones before cementing and then building on top. I had no idea that Nophat was a large a city as what I was seeing. After spending at least two hours wondering around we returned to the car ready to visit another area.

Dr Jorge exploring


Again we parked and snacked on water, cheese, crackers and grapes resting awhile before moving on to another group of ruins. Here we spent a considerable time listening to how many years ago there were helicopters that came to take away valuable carved stones away from Nohpat. What became of these artifacts is anyone’s guess but it’s sad that they should be looted and taken away. Maybe one day they will be returned?

Our day ended by 1 pm a little tired and dirty but most enjoyable.

carved Stones




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7 Responses to The jungle takes over the ruins of Nophat

  1. Definitely sign me up for this tour, Val!!

  2. Marc Olson says:

    This looks like my kind of zona arqueologica. Another good reason to visit Santa Elena. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. suk says:

    I love to go. Too

  4. suk says:

    Tx for your advice, I will contact him & will find out. Tx again suk

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