They come from all walks of life

With such diverse people that pass by ,stay awhile it does make life interesting …………….. Most are lovely and pleasant that pass through and I find the ones that stay are on the same wavelength as I and it’s refreshing. I always say that people who come by here and especially that stay are meant to be here .

Then at times there are musical treats like the three germans that came with their guitar and politely asked if it was   O K to play and sing , on their patio. Oh please do ,I said ,I would love it. I laid in my hammock at night  listening to the  beautiful melodic sounds as they harmonized wonderfully together. Needless to say I was lulled to sleep .They were only staying for one night but when breakfast time came they asked me if it was possible to stay another night. I checked the calendar to make sure they could , and another night they stayed and played. It was so calming and relaxing they could have stayed for longer . They were pleasant,talented and happy people.

Then there are the keen birdwatchers up early in the mornings without disturbing anyone. Quietly absorbing the stillness of the day . I cant say that I am knowledgeable about birds but living here I can see why one can get addicted and I have learnt some of them but Oh there are so many. If you  look close at the photo you can see the large book on Birds of Mexico just opening to a page for me is mind boggling , so many species,colours etc

The next photo shows a couple from France riding their bikes around the Yucatan . They came looking for somewhere to camp . Before it was impossible here because of the terrain but now I had leveled an area for the budget traveler. Wow these people were really on a budget . They didn’t want to spend more than $300 pesos a day…………..In some towns they were even sleeping in the town hall/palacio……

I didn’t charge them that much to pitch their tent but I guess they thought they were in 7th heaven with the use of the pool and all…. They finished up staying three nights.

These groups  of photos were taken on the night of Kens 50 Birthday .They are a group of  Maya ruin enthusiasts , soon to publish a book with photos of quite unknown ruins AND for some they had permission from INAH.

His friends honoured him with  Manuel  playing mananitas a total surprise for Ken.Soon they were joined with two of my guests who are  archeologists and all joined in with the playing and singing of some very common Mexican ballads  ….. it was a another magical night to say the least…….

The music resounded through the night the full moon was at its highest  and brightest . No where, have or do I ever experience these pleasures like here in Mexico

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to They come from all walks of life

  1. joannavdg says:

    Dearest Valerie, I just took the time to catch up on the past couple of weeks’ blog posts… Fantastic! Your comments on the people who pass through and linger at the Pickled Onion struck me as poignant. Haven’t you described the people who pass through our lives? You negelected to mention the darker side… but that’s how it should be… focus on the positive, right?

    • Joanna thank you so much for your comments . The thought when I was writing this was to point out the darker side but then I thought it would sound like I am complaining (which I would like to do at times LOL) and yes you are right better to focus on the positve………….. but maybe one day ………..
      love you lots Joanna

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