My new drum

My drum…………….
I have waited so long for a drum to come my way and finally the day came this week (after waiting 4 years)
I went to see Pedro a sculpture that lives in Muna where he owns el Mirador a look out point over the valley of the Puuc route. Its an impressive view from there and it makes you want to linger just to take in the sight.

El Mirador

But apart from the fabulous view Pedro also does neat work, carving out Lec (gourds) and creating lovely designs.

Pedro proudly showing off his/my drum

I had the inspiration to make a call on him as the drum came to mind once again.I arrived to be greeted heartily by Pedro (I haven’t seen him in a couple of years) like old friends do.
Pedro , I said, I have come for a drum . Oh! Valerie, he said I have just completed two ,one is already sold which leaves me with one left . Come on in and take a look at it.
As soon as I set my eyes on the drum I with glee that now you don’t have any Pedro. That one is also sold.
He explained the design; one side being the face of the rain god Chac and on the other another god which neither one of us was sure on. All I have to do Valerie , he said, is to stain the wood and put on the skin and it will be ready for you in a few days. So I left with him , the drum,to finish and he would call me when it was ready.If you come to visit me at The Pickled Onion or just passing by drop in and try out the drum!

The Drum

We chatted for awhile and he excitedly told me of his new project. He has cleared away a jungle path which takes people to a cave on his property and a longer walk which takes you to some ruins.
He will don you in a sombrero , a machete, a gourd drinking vessel filled with water a Maya pack lunch consisting of masa (ground corn)to make pozole a traditional mid morning meal for the outdoor workers. Along with the masa he will add the chili and salt and fruits all placed in the traditional henequen bag.
Whilst out walking, which could be a four hour hike, you will take a break and he will show you how to prepare the pozole the Maya energy drink ,as Pedro calls it .
When I returned to pick up my drum he was busy cleaning sticks he had picked up to make walking sticks ready for the tours. So if you are in the vicinity you should pay him a visit or I can make the arrangements to contact him for you. He does ask though that whoever would like the hike to be in good health .

One of the carved doors made by Pedro

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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6 Responses to My new drum

  1. Pedro is such a great guy! Genuinely nice and extremely earnest. I took some people there and we were only going to stop for the view and a look at his great shop. We ended up taking the 2 hour version of the jungle walk, over the pyramid buried there, and on to a couple of caves, Pedro explaining the medicinal qualities of the various plants along the way. Definitely not for the faint of heart but so worth it!

    I will stop by soon to try out your drum (and have a bite to eat as well). Saludos, Val!

  2. Marc Olson says:

    Valerie, I have been meaning to get back down to Ticul and Santa Elena, and when I do I mean to stop in a see you (and try the drum!). I definitely will take you up on the recommendation to visit Pedro and take his walk. Thanks for the interesting post.

  3. An amazing drum as well as a labyrinth! Now I REALLY wish I had been able to spend more time last Saturday at the Pickled Onion. Thanks for the wonderful lunch and dinner, and I will definitely see you next time I visit my family at Rio Bec Dreams. Maybe I could come and stay long enough to help you make a gypsy caravan – imagine one painted in bright Mayan colours! And I want to visit Pedro and take his jungle walk too.

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