Maya princess comes to lunch

]Last week came to the restaurant to my surprise ,to eat lunch, an important visitor who was accompanied by a friend of mine from Mexico D F , Mauru,now residing in Mani.

Church at Mani Archangel Micheal

You may wonder for why I was surprised its because Jenny is a direct descendent of the Xiu royal family that once ruled Uxmal .Her family own the infamous restaurant in Mani ,El principe Tutul Xiu which is renowned for its traditional foods. If you go on a Sunday it will be hard to find a spot to sit.Its usually full of Mexican families from all over enjoying a family meal together.

Tutul Xiu restaurant Mani

Because of the popularity of their restaurant I felt a little nervous preparing food for her but I really needn’t have worried as she enjoyed her plate of Pollo Alcaparrados .She commented on how tasty was the food (muy rico, muy sabroso,a very high compliment from Mexicans)
I feel if I can please the Mexicans with our food in the restaurant ,then all is well with me . I have many Mexican families dine here and repeat diners because of the food. O f course they are quite surprised when they find out I am English/Canadian and always ask how did you learn to cook Mexican food with such good flavour.
As Jenny her friend,Maria Mauru and I chatted I casually said ,Oh! then you are princess?, Yes ,replied Jenny and continued telling me the story of how the restaurant began over 35 years ago.Princess Jenny asked if she could take a walk around the place and was enchanted with the gardens and the Maya casitas . Upon leaving she invited me to visit her in Mani anytime and that she would share recipes with me .How sweet and kind of her to offer this willingly .

Inside Tutul Xiu restaurant


photos f rom Google images

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