Dance of the pig/Baile de cochinita

Saturday was the dance of the pig (baile de cochinita) It became quite an official ceremony with the proud president and his wife, invited guests and a representative, Donna Olivia, from the governor of Merida in attendance. Donna Olivia crowned the Senorita de St Elena who looked so elegant in her turno. I felt honoured to be introduced to Donna Olivia and she promised to make a visit at my place the next time she is in St Elena.

Crowning mis St Elena

Group with Don Wil the president of the village and his wife

Her traditional dress was designed with the usual flower motifs but had an added touch of hearts here and there. The red hearts were the logo of our now governor of Yucatan whilst she was doing her campaign.

The musicians

The band played great traditional music, the heads of the pigs and the live turkey arrived. The crowds were gathering ready to participate in the procession.

The decorated pigs head arrives

The live turkey

St Elena is only one of the places where this takes place during the festival but the tradition is slowly dying which would be a pity.

Little mestizas

hat loaded with flowers

The girls look so beautiful in their dresses and floral hats and the little mestizas looked so cute.

The dance and procession begins

I have seen many of these dances here in St Elena but this year was the best. A little late in starting but more formal than years previous.

As the procession left the appointed house again a great honour for the household, it was led by the dignitaries, followed by the dancers as they weaved their way through the streets of St Elena  .

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2 Responses to Dance of the pig/Baile de cochinita

  1. Jody says:

    Hi-Can you explain the male dancer dressed in the huipil for me? Thanks.

    • Hi this may sound a bit vague but will try. I asked lots of residents the meaning and they just reply Oh its the tradicion. He carries with him a ;purse of money and drops into businesses along the way either collecting monies or giving monies, not sure.As he leaves he leaves with them , good luck for the next year.
      if I find out more I will surely let you know.
      Thank you

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