Henniquin and Izamal

Saturday I took a trip with my friend Scott to meet Diane the originator of Macanche hotel in Izamal.She had mentioned an interest in meeting me and I of her.

What a remarkable woman!At the age of 70 something she is a going concern, Having been the owner of Macanche for many years then the owner of a range where she reared horses for awhile selling this and buying a hacienda creating a hotel. From this living in the back and beyond and now building an amazing off the grid house. I felt in awe of her successes, energy,strength and gentleness . Someone ,one should emmulate for sure.

Outside the plant

Scott first took me to see a working henniquin plant although the machine had broked down and not yet been repaired. It was still interesting to see how the process works AND not on a tourist route.Scott is a mind of information about this area having worked with tourists, along with Diane for many years.

Bundling the Heniquin


It was Saturday so the men were not working to their usual speed. I asked permission to take photos and joked that today was Happy Saturday. Why happy saturday? Well it means time to relax have a beer and enjoy the weekend and some get paid on this day.

Happy Saturday

We wandered around  whilst Scott was  explaining to me the process and me finding it all fascinating. Especially seeing the henniquin drying on the racks outside in the sun.

drying the Heniquin

Then off to Izamal for a short visit and dropped into a small cafe for a bite to eat . I asked for Tacos but they came with cheese sauce from a carton, smothere in Ketchup and not very tasty. But when you have hunger pans you eat more or less anything.I did like the hand drawn menu on the wall though . Very artistic I thought.


Scott,s conversation was very interesting telling me how it used to be in Izamal in his days of being a tour guide for Diane.

Then we drove into the back and beyond to meet Diane and had a lovely chat with her and a trip to see their new home being built. I would love to see it when its finished and furnished with all her very interesting decor and antiques.

Carriages at Izamal

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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