Recipe for Relleno Negro

During the festival of St Elena one of the most popular dishes to eat on the third day is Relleno Negro . Its like doing a chile cook off  in Merida run by the Merida English Library.All trying to make the best tasting dish. You can make the most tastiest in the village some even going house to house just to taste the homemade meal and then talking about it after ,who made the best.

It’s a dish that really is not my favourite but one day I will cook it just to say I did it.

Relleno Negro

But for those who are interested in making it here is the recipe.


One Turkey about 6 kilos

Half a kilo of recado negro

3 chilies xcatic

2 hands of Epazote

Salt to taste

4 red tomatoes

2 white onions

50 grms of flour

Ingredients for the stuffing

½ kilo ground pork

½ kilo ground beef

1 white onion

1 green pepper

Salt garlic pepper and Maggi seasoning to ta

100 grams of recado negro

16 eggs hardboiled and 2 uncooked

A stalk of epazote.


Cut the Turkey in 4 clean and place in a pan

Blend the negro relleno with 2 litres of water  and add to the Turkey with epazote,salt and cook about 2 hours. Add fried onions with the chilies cut tomatoes.Thicken with flour and cook for 10 mins more.

The stuffing

Mix the meats together with cut green pepper ,salt ,pepper  Maggi,2 raw eggs and the relleno negro. Remove the whites from the cooked eggs chop and add to the mixture with epazote finally chopped.

Spread out the meat enough to place the egg yolks in the middle and roll up the meat mixture around the eggs.

Wrap up in cheesecloth  and add to the Turkey stew and cook for approx 1 hour.before serving the stuffing cut into rounds when cooled and serve in side the stew like dish.

This dish is usually eaten as is or you can serve it with rice.

If you cant find Recado negro in your area here is the recipe to make this

½ kilo of dried red chilies

50 grm of garlic

2 hands of epazote

Salt to taste

Wash the chilies and take out the veins and the seeds and cook on open flame or pan until nearly burnt

Blend with the rest of the ingredients and season with salt

Add water until a consistency of dough.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to Recipe for Relleno Negro

  1. suk says:

    Negro relleno is a spice to make egg dark? I guess I can buy @ marcado. Tx

    • Anywhere in the Yucatan you can buy in the markets…………. not my favourite dish but then again it depends on who cooks it.Like Roast beef and yorkshire pudding. NO one could beat my mother with this dish!

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