A visit to Chacmultun

I made myself take time off to go and visit a site ,that for a long time I wanted to see. Chacmultun (mound of red stones) is situated south of Merida on the outskirts of Tekax easily reachable.

Main Building

 I decided to take the more picturesque route travelling along the Ruta Puuc from my restaurant and hotel (The Pickled Onion)in St Elena.

It was very  quiet on the roads, very little traffic as I passed by Kabah,Sayil,Labnah, the Maya ruins most known and onto Cooperativa. Through Xohuan and Kancab ,two smaller villages. If you drive slowly one will notice the many elaborately carved wooden doors each with their own unique design.

The journey was pleasant ,driving through winding roads with hills rising from both sides of the road.I found my turnoff to Chacmultin and arrived after 1 hour from where I began.If you decide to take the Ruta Puuc route I suggest that you take out your map and configure your way as there are not too many signs along the roads. If you speak Spanish then that’s even better as there is always a smiling face to help you find your way.

wall paintings

Chacmultun is one of the lesser known and visited ruins in this area.There is a good deal of standing architecture that has been restored somewhat and is kept cleared.The main group Chacmultun  has within its vaults some remains of original wall paintings depicting figures in a processional , wearing ritual regala.. If you ask the caretaker if you could see them he will find his key to open up the door. I asked for permission to take photos explaining that I would not use flash and there was no problem to this. As you can see by the photos they are not very visible but at least you can a sense of how it would have been.

Ball Court

I then walked past the ball court towards another group of buildings known as the main palace of  X,cabalpak and then onto see X,ethpool which raises up seemingly nowhere.Its a bit of a hard climb up  to the buildings but well worth the effort.

x,calalpak Palacio

I think I spent more than two hours here and had the whole place to myself . It was quiet ,relaxing and most enjoyable .

x,ethpool in the distance


About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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5 Responses to A visit to Chacmultun

  1. Bob Caskey says:

    We just visited Chacmultun and had a lovely dinner at The Pickled Onion. If you visit these ruins be sure to visit Valerie who has established an amazing oasis in the Yucatan. Chacmultun is a fair drive but as they say here, “vale la pena”.

  2. Michael Jones says:

    It is so nice to see your description of a lesser-known ruin. I have been studying pre-columbian culture for about 50 years, but this is the first time that my wife and I will travel to Yucatan.
    We will be staying in Merida, but perhaps we can have lunch at the Pickle and meet you.
    The Revs. Mike & Bev Jones

    • Thank you for your comments… It would be our pleasure to look after you if you can mamage to get here.
      There are so so many sites to see in this área it is mind bogling, really
      Take care and enjoy all Yucatán has to offer…. I am sure you will

      • Michael Jones says:

        We will be in the Yucatsn in January for 3 weeks. Perhaps we could spend a night with you at your B&B.
        BTW Beverly just had an interesting idea. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone made a grid of land that was not known to be an archaeological site. Give the tourists a shovel and see what they turn up. Mike+

  3. Oh that would be lovely . there is always a traditional festival that starts after the the three kings day for two weeks. This festival goes back more than a hundred years… very interesting.. I think I have a blog about it…
    Good idea Beverly but the truth, the INAH that rules the land of archeology would not be impressed seeing tourists with spades digging up pottery ,or digging around sites , even in the jungle… they would have your guts for garters ha ha

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