Yucateca New Years Eve

New Years Eve I was invited to go to Ticul a town about 10 mins away from St Elena .The same  family that I used to live with for about two years before building the restaurant and then the hotel here in St Elena .






el veijito


When the restaurant was closed for the evening and the hotel guests were tucked safely in their beds Zacaria came to watch the place whilst I went out to party. Its not very often I get the chance to go anywhere so this came as a nice reprieve.

I arrived in Ticul around 11.30pm in time to settle in and have some nibbles waiting for midnight. At the stroke of midnight the old year was celebrated with the burning of the efige of an old man. You have to make sure that when hes lit you are far away from him as he is full of firecrackers which shoot off in all directions Then out came the Tequila ready for the toasting of the new year then it was time for the big dinner.We ate Pavo sandwichon and spaghetti  with a salad then to top it off cake.The young ones had brought along a Kareoke machine which was a present for one of the mums.  


The Kareoke singers


One of the teenage children had  hand written all the song titles of about 20 discs in a little book for the willing ones to choose which one they wanted to sing.

Im afraid that I couldn’t find a song that I knew in Spanish but enjoyed listening to the entertainers.I managed to be a back up artist for one of the songs which brought reams of laughter. It was a very pleasant evening and fun was had by all.       

Evalia and the Kareoke


The partiers


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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to Yucateca New Years Eve

  1. Heather says:

    Interesting, Valerie. We are in Cuenca, Ecuador this year and they celebrate the old year, too. Paper mache effigies, representing the bad experiences of 2010, were burned at midnight on New Year’s Eve—and yes, with lots of firecrackers.
    Enjoy your blog very much!

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