Night of the Ko,che

The evening of 26th Dec was another night of festivities. The altar of Baby Jesus had rested a night in a private house and tonight was the night to return him to the church.

I heard the traditional  music being played and knew that it was another procession .I  invited some of the people that were staying with me that night to come along to see some local traditions. Of course they jumped at the chance.

the Ko,che

The music was for  the Ko,che ,a procession of four beautiful mestizas decked out in all their traditional finery .These ladies are carried high ,seated on chairs ,which are on top of a wooden table.When they are in place, young strong men lift up the table and carry the ladies around a couple of streets along with the musicians. Returning to the house from where they started.

Three of the four mestizas

The ladies then proceed to serve the prepared foods and drinks to the onlookers and the participants of the procession .

The same house will next year be the hosts of the altar of baby  Jesus whilst another household will host the Ko,che.

After the food was given out the mestizas walked over to the house where baby Jesus was kept for a night and the precession began again to return baby Jesus to the church

Serving the foodmestizas with banner

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