The first night of the corrida

I finally decided to venture out to see the corrida but arrived a little late due to work hours etc. Sadly it wasn’t a good turn out due to the cold, the people said. Tonight , being  Happy Saturday as its called, should prove more productive with participants and viewers.


Getting ready to enter the ring

All is hustle and bustle as the horses get ready to enter the bullring,

 Not sure why my camera didn’t want to take very good photos and they came out a little blurry.Mmmmmm me thinks I need a better camera now that I am taking more photos!!!!!

The first bull is usually slain for the meat but not always in the ring. Sometimes its done outside in full view but it’s a marvel to watch the speed in which its killed,skinned,cut and hung for sale. The locals love this meat they call choco lomo queuing up for the warm meat.Yuck !! Not to my tasting but if I had been raised here perhaps I would look forward to eating the meat!

Meat vendor


I then drove to the centre of town where I had heard there was a Trova band playing. The stage was set up in front of the Palacio and chairs set out .I like Trova music and for me it was a special treat being so far from Merida where music is heard live most weekends.The band was very professional and talented but alas only a few people came out to listen.

Trova band

After the Trova there was the traditional dance of the Vaquerias . Start time !!pm til late!!For this event the people dress in traditional clothing the women in turnos and men with their white guayaberas.The band Azteca played Jarana songs again to the few people that actually ventured out on another cold night.

Azteca Band

One lady got me up dancing and showing me some of the dance steps, Of course this delighted some, to see a foreigner dancing the Jarana. But it was fun.

Tonight the dance is for the jovenes (the young ones) so  I am sure there will be more people around the Palacio tonight. I wont need to go as I will be able to hear the music from here , for sure it will be loud. I love the Cumbrian beat but I can only handle one late night a month these days LOL..




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