Mananitas for Guadalupe

Well I made it to San Juan chapel……………. a little late but still early for the 5 am mananitas ,which didnt happen til 6 am ,so I didnt feel too bad. It was such a cold night last night that I really wanted to sleep longer. But I made a promise and a promise is a promise in my eyes.

The firecrackers were sounding to let people know its time for the carrying of Guadalupe to San Juan

I arrived as four ladies were singing the mananitas in front of closed chapel doors. When they had finished the doors were opened and they lit candles in wait for the statue of Guadalupe to arrive from the Iglasia of St Elena.

The church in St Elena,St Mathew.

 Guadalupe was followed by the musicians as they took her into the church where she took the seat of honour right in the middle .

She was being taken out of her normal place of rest to the chapel of San Juan for the festival of corridas . A duration of three to four days.Everyone was wrapped up with hats,jackets and gloves. Even the musicians were playing with gloves on to combat the cold.


The traditional music of the Mananitas were played as she entered the church.

Guadalupe processionSan Juan

After we all retreated for hot coffee and sweet cake. The coffee was a too sweet for me but still it felt good on this cold morning. We all seemed to gather around the outside fire that was lit to boil the water for the coffee. to try and stay warm. But it was  all very interesting to see some traditions are not  dying .

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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