Papa,s birthday party

Papa,s Birthday Party.

papa and his family

When I did my teaching English in Ticul I stayed in the family house of Papa.I called him papa as he was an endearing gentleman and the father of Martha, the owner of English Workshop, a small private school were only English was taught. You can read about Martha on my first written blog on how I came to be here in the Yucatan. I amsure she would have been sad to miss her fathers birhday but she is happy with her dream of living in the U S happily married with her own family now.

At that time he actually lived across the way in a small house combined with his business. He would always go to the market very early in the morning to buy the meat that was to be prepared for the mid day meal. It was his way of getting out and about and chatting with his friends on the market.

He is a very quiet man, content with his life and  he made me very welcome in the casa Antigua, as it is known in Ticul. A house that originally housed the gendarmes ,was built in the 1800.s .

When papa bought the house it was made into a fabrica (factory) of hat and mat  weaving, hammock making  and more. He told me he used to travel very far to sell his wares and related of how he used to go down into the caves of Lol Tun to bring out water using only a torch.

When he took me to see the now tourist spot of Lol Tun Caves he said it was the first time he had entered these caves in years and was surprised to see how big they really  were, now that they are illuminated.

Papa and his daughter Evelia

Last Sunday was his birthday party and Evelia, one of his daughters ,called to invite me to join the family  in the celebration.

It’s been sometime that I have seen all the family together and I couldn’t believe how the family has grown.  There were more children, more grandchildren more in laws and more animals

I just couldn’t get there on time as work always seems to get in the way but I arrived at the house in Mexican sty le just as lunch was being served. Oh good I thought I’m not too late.

Teresa another tucking in to Relleno Blanco

We enjoyed the home cooked meal of Relleno Blanco which is one of my favourite things to eat. It went down with gusto, as too the rich birthday cake.It was a very pleasant afternoon catching up on family lives and seeing how the children had grown.

The grandchildren and great grandchildren wanted a pinata

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  1. David says:

    I have been trying to reach Ralf at Wm Lawson to confirm for
    next Wednesday, Dec. 8th, but receive no reply. Is all well?

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