I wonder and ponder why

Sometimes things happen that I cannot get my head around to wondering why .I opened my small restaurant at Christmas of  2006  because of the assurance  from a small B &B in St     Elena , that they would recommend ALL their clients to come and eat .I went through a terrible time with lies and deceit from these people but pulled through and continued with success .

The Pickled Onion

This is not the only restaurant in town but according to the B & B people their clients were complaining about the locally run restaurant, the service, the food etc,

Another hotel in town was also happy that I was here and serving, good .fresh food and they began sending their clients to me as they too were tired of clients complaining about the local restaurants quality.

Between the two this made for a good business ,happy clients,happy staff.

But in time the B & B stopped sending people  as they used to but I have now  gained  a close friend that works in Uxmal as a guide. He came by one day and announced that he had passed by so many times and wanted to come and see how the food was in this restaurant and this was the day.He took one mouthful and said ,that’s it! I was startled for that moment until he continued talking ,telling me who he was and saying from now on he would send all his clients this way. Which he does  at times accompanying them for lunch and taking them on a tour of my place.


AS time went on I build a swimming pool and invited the clients of the two hotels to come by and take a dip in the hot afternoons. The owners of the other hotel dropped by one day to take a look at my pool asked lots of questions and said they felt their backs were  against the wall and they had to build a pool too. I gave them all the information that I could never thinking they would replicate my exact design.Never mind I thought as it still wouldn’t be the same.

I began building a casita for my family to stay when they come to visit but as it was empty most of the time and many people used to drop by asking if I had rooms to rent I decided to rent. It became so popular and the people loved it that I began building more. As of now I have three and again proving to be popular.

Yaax Nah the first casita

Now the other hotel seems to have stopped sending their clients to eat here and referring them back to the other restaurant that they complained so much about.

So its these kind of things that I, at times , don’t  understand why people react like they do.

In a small town like St Elena and with so few options ,for all the business to come together and work together to find ways of how to attract more people to this area for the good of everyone would be more appropriate behaviour.

Is it jealousy ,fear or envy its hard to know but life goes on and I will continue despite adversity.

But thanks to my many friends in Merida who recommend that if your e in the area to drop by and take a bite helps me immensely. Not to mention that now I am finally in many a good guide book  as well as the infamous Trip Advisor my clients are coming from a different source but I still ponder on the why people are the way they are.

Nevertheless we are surviving  and growing ,and the staff are still happy to be working with me and I with them.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to I wonder and ponder why

  1. This is exactly what makes this country work as it does. Instead of pulling together for the common good, everyone pulls but in different directions. In business, protests, elections, whatever.

    • Yes you are right, I have even found the same with families. They have such a close tie to each other and strong but if one has or works more than the other then there,s trouble.I have stopped trying to figure it out, cause you never will.
      But after all is said and done I still love the life here.

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