The unspoken word.

written by Valerie


There is something happening around here  of late which is rather fascinating to me.

I go to my hammock at night with thoughts of what needs to be done in the morning around the place.

Zacaria arrives just as I am about to stir, depending if there are occupants for breakfast then I am usually up and around before he comes.. He begins his work quietly, at his usual pace, slowly but  methodically.When I have washed ,dressed with  a cup of tea in hand I sometimes stroll over to say good morning and to tell him what I would like done today. Lately though, invariable, what is happening is that he begins the work that I had thought of the night before.

Zacaria the gardener

Ay Zacaria how did you know that’s what I wanted today ? I ask him.He just smiles chats awhile and continues.Wow , this thought transference is great, it saves me a lot of trouble.

 Now its expanded into the kitchen with Samuel , the  chef and helper , the same thing is happening between us.

Am I tuned into them or are they tuned into me? A question to ponder but why bother it,s working out just fine.

You can never be surprised at what happens in this land of the Maya. It holds secrets that we will never uncover but I will continue with the powers that be and give thanks for every small and large thing that comes my way.

About thepickledonionyucatan

Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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2 Responses to The unspoken word.

  1. Marc Olson says:

    I happens. You are in tune with your environment and obviously with these people who work with you. I would do just as you are doing; don’t question, just enjoy. It was nice meeting you are the conference. One of these days I’m coming by for a visit.


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