Is this an omen

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This is the second try for this post.The first I published not all the photos were printed lets hope this one works better.

Two days ago I saw what looked to me a baby  frog in the ladies washroom. Good thing that I saw it first or it would have freaked a few ladies out I am sure.I have never seen a frog close up before so it was really cool to touch him/her.His colours were beautiful.  I didn’t kiss him because I’m not really ready for my prince charming.An Omen, I thought as the next day I was going to see a friend ,who lives nearby, and had told me of a chultun with a sculpture of a frog inside, adjacent to her property.

Frog in the bathroom


We walked the well marked path into the woods and came across a ruined maya house made from stone .Parts could still be seen amongst the rubble and vegetation. We did  an about turn and there was the chultun with one side open to the elements. I climbed down or should say I slithered down the hole and was awe struck by the intact walls. The parts conserved still maintained their smoothness and luster.It was awesome!

The ruins

Looking up to the original opening of the chultun was spectacular, so precise in its construction.

Then it came into view, as I adjusted my eyes, the frog on the wall.I was again awestruck at its entirety and its simplicity.I reveled in its past connection and for why it would be there.

I returned home to look up  in one of my favourite books by Ted Andrews ,Animal Speaks   about why certain animals come into your life.The frog brings transformation through water and sound.

Close up of frog

Ahh! That explains things somewhat. The Maya  connection .The frog being one of their gods of bringing in rain so my thought was that they made the frog inside the chultun to protect the water and bring more rain to keep the chultun full.What did we gat the next day here in St Elena……… rain early in the morning ,which is very rare and after weeks of dry weather.

How one cannot marvel at the wonders of the ancient land of the Maya , and to think I get the chance to see such wonders here in the Yucatan. How many more treasures are out there that we don’t know about too numerous I am sure.

BUT please don’t ask me to take you there or to tell you were it is .I have been sworn to secrecy and not only that you have to pass through private land to see it.

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