Hanging hammocks


How do you know a good hammock when you see one? This is a puzzling question for the tourists and for people who are not accustomed to sleeping in one.How much should one pay is another puzzling question too. Im certainly by far an expert but maybe I can give you a little advice.

Depending on size, single, double or family , the closer the weave the heavier it will be and  will give you an idea of cost.

I hear stories from tourists how much they have paid for hammocks in places like Merida and the Riviera Maya and I just cringe. Yes ,I know that the people have to make a living but gauging people of the savings for a good holiday abroad leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

For a good quality hammock one should not pay more than 900 pesos, a little more if its made of natural fibers such as cotton or henequen.

In some pueblos they have a co operative (where a few people come together and make hammocks) but sometimes a buyer, say from Merida will buy his stock but you can guarantee that the people form the pueblos are not getting near as much for their hammocks for what they are sold for in the big cities .Or they buy from the prisons  which usually have a distinct style and very pretty ,well made  and affordable if you buy direct .

I used to buy from  the prison in Tekax a town about 40 mins drive from here but the mark up was very high so I decided to look to a local hammock maker and to help the family make a sustainable living. I buy the thread; they make them, then once sold ALL but for the price of the thread goes to the family.

Tat ich came by one day to show one of the workers how to make hammocks as she was  very interested in learning the art.For him it was easy, as he had been making them for many years. He goes 90 to the dozen , a human machine its incredible to watch but for us it wasn’t that easy  But we tried and tried and tried………………Elisa never got the hang of it but I managed to learn but slowly. The thing is I don’t really have the time but it was fun learning.



Learning to make hammocks


I love my hammock and always sleep well with no aches or pains the next day. When its cold I bundle up with two or three covers one on the bottom and one I wrap around me before reclining  In the summer I climb in and swing to get the cooler air flowing……. Ahh I am always ready for my hammock after a hectic day at work.

So if you drop by and you like the handmade hammocks know that if you buy one you are helping  to support a family here in St Elena.Or even if you would like one of a special colour get in touch with me via my email and maybe we can arrange it





Tat ich making hammocks whilst his mother watches


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