And the souls came


I enjoy partaking in traditions no matter what country I am in or with whom I hang out with.So for me Hanal Pixan was just another excuse to participate .It was that time of year to set up the altar in the restaurant again . The candles were bought, the goodies were in place,flowers in their respective vases and a new cross painted in the colours of true Maya style(black base and green cross)  and made by the local carpenter.

The day of the children came and went all was fine.The next day my neighbour asked if she could cut some banana leaves to make the Pib Xpelon and Mucbipollo.She left with what she needed but to my surprise came back later in the day with a dish full of the pib and mucbipollo.How nice thank you very much and please tell you mum thankyou, I said to the children that brought it.

As this evening was the first day of calling in the adult souls   and being the typical foods for the adults I rushed to find dishes to place the food on the altar.The candles were lit and I took a step back to admire feeling quite pleased with myself and again thinking how nice it was of the neighbour to bring over the food.

Next morning when I went to check that all was well at the altar I was surprised to see the plastic wrap around the bread was missing,chunks of mucbipollo had been eaten and fruit spilled onto the table.Yikes ! the souls really made a meal out of this altar! I cleaned and tidied the table and put all in place again ready for the night time.MMmm lets see if this happens again its  spooky but quite fun I thought.

Later that day I was hanging about in the restaurant and heard a rattling of paper and other weird noises over by the altar oOoohhh what on earth is that don’t tell me the spirits came early today.I quietly stepped ,with my camera of course, hoping to catch something out of this world… whoops pardon the pun……closer to the altar .To my surprise there he was having a feast again……

Mopi feasting on the goodies


My cat Mopi or should I say kitten devouring what he could….,I said to him,  so ,you have been reincarnated (although its said that one does not reincarnate as animals but I,m not sure of that  ) He didnt take too much notice of me ,he was too busy chomping his way through the food.Well at least one person/animal was happy  with the food in the restuarant today.

Caught in the act

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Born in England emigrated to Canada and now reside in the Yucatan Mexico. LIfe is a journey so enjoy as much as you can
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